5 easy ways to make green tea taste better

One of the most popular natural drinks that exist today, without a doubt, is green tea, because its flavor is one of the mildest. However, there are several ways to further enhance this flavor. In this post we will tell you  how to make green tea taste better. So you can drink it even if you are not too attracted to its acidity, to benefit from all its properties.

One of the data that you should know is the temperature at which the water should be. When preparing green tea, the water must have a temperature between 70ºC and 80ºC. In addition, it is also important that you take into consideration that by adding certain ingredients, an even better flavor can be achieved.

Here is a short list of ways you can use to make this drink much richer. It should be noted that none of the ingredients have an impact on its benefits, but most of them can further enhance these advantages.

Use filtered water

This is one of the main elements in the preparation of a tea. It is essential to have good quality water to make this drink taste good.

Follow the instructions for preparation

Currently, there are several types of green teas. Many of them come in bags, in which are their specifications and their method of preparation. Following this step is quite important because not all green teas are the same and, therefore, the flavor can vary depending on the steps that are followed to prepare them.

Use the proper amount of tea

In addition to knowing exactly what quality of water to use, it is also important to add the appropriate amount of tea. This is because if too much is included, there is a risk that it will taste quite bitter and therefore not be pleasant to consume, resulting in not enjoying all the benefits it can provide.

Add some sugar

The most common resource: add sugar to tea, although it is not healthier. Green tea generally has a mild flavor. However, it never hurts to include a little sugar in the mix to make it much more tolerable, especially for young people. If you do not have a sugar problem or are overweight, there is no problem in drinking the sweetened drink.

Measure the proper time

Generally, this kind of infusion should be left to rest for approximately five minutes. In the case of green teas, it is best that this time does not exceed two minutes.

How can you combine green tea?

In addition to all the steps mentioned above, other elements can also be included to make this infusion truly delicious. Next, we will share with you which are the ingredients with which green tea can be combined to considerably improve its flavor and, in addition, enhance its virtues.

Fruit juices can be combined with green tea. By combining these elements, you get an exquisite flavor and also many more benefits. Among the fruits that are most used to mix with this drink is lemon, which serves to improve the diuretic properties of this infusion.

Ginger is another of the ingredients that can be included in the Green Tea. Among the benefits provided by this mixture, the fact that it is used to relieve sore throats, treat ulcers, stomach problems, among many others, stands out. In addition to ginger, green tea can also be combined with cinnamon.

If you are one of those people who care about their oral health, the perfect combination for you is green tea with mint. By including this ingredient, cavities can be prevented, enamel is strengthened, and bad breath is also treated. Added to this, the mint gives an excellent sensation of freshness to this intake.

Green tea benefits

In addition to its versatility, there are many benefits that can be obtained from ingesting green tea. One of them is heart care. It is also scientifically proven that the Green Tea helps prevent colds, flu and other types of similar problems.

This intake also serves to regulate blood pressure and reduce the risk of degenerative diseases such as cancer. It should not be forgotten that this drink improves physical and mental performance, which is why it is considered one of the best teas to drink in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach, with the aim of carrying out daily tasks in a more effective.

According to experts, this drink can kill a large number of bacteria. Thanks to it, the risk of suffering various types of infections is reduced and dental health improves.

How is green tea prepared?

As you have seen, it is quite beneficial to consume green tea regularly. It is for this reason that in this post we tell you how to prepare it correctly, so that later you can enjoy all the positive contributions it can have for your health. Read on and you will learn everything you need regarding this.

The first thing to do is heat the water until it boils. Subsequently, the tea is added, either in leaves or in bags. In general, the amount that should be added per cup is approximately 2.5 grams. After this, the entire mixture is poured into a teapot and allowed to stand for two minutes.

The next step is to strain the tea, and then add a little sugar, honey or any other sweetener that can sweeten the drink. At the end of each of these steps, we proceed to serve in small portions, to enjoy its exquisite flavor and its many benefits.

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