Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Benefits: Ingredients & Side Effects

It is also known as blue pea tea. It is native to Asia and its preparation includes the dried petals of the plant called Clitoria ternatea L, which is blue in color. It has many medicinal properties and is widely consumed worldwide. In this post you will learn about the benefits of butterfly pea flower tea , ingredients and side effects.

The plant that in Spanish is called Conchita Azul, is from the Fabaceae family, it has been in Asian culture for a long time, however, it is now that it has become relevant. It has a very rich and countless benefits which we will mention below.

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Benefits

Below are some of the benefits of butterfly pea flower tea that make it a treasure of nature.

High antioxidant content

Butterfly pea flowers are rich in anthocyanins which protect against heart disease, some types of cancer and diabetes. In addition, by containing delphinidin it prevents damage to cell membranes (lipid peroxidation) that causes aging and the formation of malondialdehyde (MDA), a compound that causes cancer.

Protects against cardiovascular diseases

The blue tea maintains blood pressure, thanks to its vaso-relaxing properties that improve blood flow. In addition, it prevents the formation of clots, which are the ones that cause cerebrovascular accidents (ACV), this is possible due to its antithrombotic effects.

There are studies that show that the properties antioxidants butterfly pea flower tea they inhibit the formation of the enzyme pancreatic lipase, which is responsible for breaking down dietary fat.

control diabetes

Anthocyanins found in tea help control blood sugar levels. It is also said that its antioxidants inhibit the enzymes responsible for digesting carbohydrates. When these enzymes are inhibited, the digestion and absorption of sugars is delayed, reducing the risk of insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, weight gain, and blood vessel dysfunction.

Improves mental processes

Studies show that pea flower tea improves memory and prevents Alzheimer’s disease. Although the results are not conclusive.

Serves as a natural food coloring

The blue color of tea is an alternative to artificial colors, which are not healthy for the body.

It’s anti-stress

drink blue tea produces a feeling of calm in the body, thanks to its vitamins and minerals that reduce stress and anxiety. In addition, it is very effective when the body is very fatigued.

Improves eye health

Anthocyanins are responsible for improving visual sharpness and clarity, because they act positively on the blood circulation of the capillaries of the eyes.

Butterfly pea flower tea benefits. Recipes

Before preparing the pea flower tea, take into account the following tips:

  • A strict time for the infusion is not necessary, because the taste does not reach to become bitter.
  • To sweeten it try mixing it with syrup (equal parts sugar and water).
  • When it gets cold, mint and ginger suits him.
  • You will be surprised by its flavor if you mix equal parts pea flower tea and lemonade.

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Other benefits of butterfly pea flower tea have to do with improving digestive problems, gastritis, throat and voice, it also strengthens the respiratory system.


  • 3 grams of clitoria flowers.
  • 250 ml of drinking water.
  • with honey
  • Juice of half a lemon

Method of preparation:

  1. Fill a pot with potable or filtered water.
  2. Heat the kettle for a few seconds with a little water and then discard it. With the hot teapot the tea will not drop the temperature.
  3. Place the clitoria flowers and let infuse for 5 minutes. The teapot should be covered to keep the infusion stable.
  4. With the help of a strainer, remove the flowers.
  5. From this moment the tea has a blue color, if you add a few drops of lemon or add a slice, you will see how it changes to purple.
  6. Finally, sweeten with honey.

Blue Pea Tea Lemonade

With this preparation you will be able to see layers of pink, purple and blue color that is achieved when cold lemonade is slowly poured over ice. If you pour it too fast it will immediately turn purple.

The ingredients for the syrup are:

  • A cup of boiling water.
  • 1 tablespoon of dried pea flowers.
  • 1 sprig of fresh mint and rosemary.
  • A cup of sugar.

The ingredients for the lemonade are:

  • Juice of a large lemon.
  • A cup of cold water.
  • A slice of lemon.

Method of preparation:

  1. First you have to make the syrup with the sugar and water.
  2. Soak in boiling water for 5 minutes and cover: dried pea flowers, rosemary and mint.
  3. Strain the preparation and add the sugar. Let the syrup cool completely before adding it to the lemonade.
  4. Add lemon juice and cold water.
  5. In a glass with ice, pour the pea flower syrup.
  6. Add the lemon slices and slowly pour in the lemonade until it is full (you will see it change color from blue to purple).
  7. Garnish with rosemary, mint or lemon.

Butterfly pea flower tea benefits. Side effects

According to experts, you can drink this type of tea every day, 2 cups a day with 2 grams of pea flower is recommended. If you drink in excess it can cause tachycardia, insomnia, indigestion, etc.

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