Turmeric infusion, the great anti-inflammatory

Herbal infusions have been used for hundreds of years to relieve all kinds of conditions. On this occasion we will talk about the infusion of turmeric, one of the most used spices in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine due to its important antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a perennial plant of the Zingiberaceae family. Native to southwestern India, it can be found from Polynesia to different warm regions of South Asia.

Its medicinal use is widespread, especially in the area of ​​its natural habitat. In fact, historians point out that as early as 610 BC, turmeric (powder extracted from the root of this plant) was used as a food and textile dye as well as to alleviate illnesses.

Properties of turmeric infusion

As we already mentioned, turmeric has different health benefits that have been exploited over the centuries by traditional Asian medicines. Let’s see together what are the properties of this wonderful and colorful spice.

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic action

Usually, turmeric infusion is recommended in cases of muscle injuries or inflammatory diseases such as arthritis or psoriasis. Different studies indicate that this effect is due to the presence of curcumin, a substance that would relieve inflammation by inhibiting the synthesis of prostaglandins. In fact, research patients have seen marked improvement in their inflammatory levels by consuming turmeric.

Antioxidant properties

In the same way as rooibos or green tea, turmeric is a plant known for its richness in antioxidants, molecules that fight free radicals, preventing oxidative damage and the appearance of various degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s or cancer, among others.

Improves symptoms of metabolic syndrome

Curcumin is not only anti-inflammatory but may help treat systemic inflammation associated with conditions such as metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, hypertension, hyperglycemia, bad cholesterol, and high triglyceride levels.

Researchers have concluded that curcumin consumption relieves symptoms of metabolic syndrome by improving insulin sensitivity, lowering blood pressure, fighting oxidative stress and inflammation.

Protect the heart

Curcumin is the polyphenol that causes the yellow color of this spice and is also an ally to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic effects have been proven by different studies, as well as its effect in lowering cholesterol, one of the great markers of heart attack risk.

It would improve insulin resistance

According to different investigations, curcumin would act against insulin resistance, hyperglycemia and other aspects associated with diabetes. However, to date the data is not 100% conclusive.

I would fight depression

Curcumin has antidepressant effects that would make it a good option to avoid depression. An investigation in mice indicated that those who received daily doses of curcumin did not suffer from depressive states. Studies in humans would be necessary to corroborate these results.

Fights microbes and promotes skin health

In addition to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that we have already mentioned, turmeric has antimicrobial action. For this reason, it is considered that the intake of turmeric infusion would help prevent photoaging, as well as being useful to combat urinary infections and sore throats. Turmeric could even be applied topically to treat conditions like acne or eczema.


As always, we recommend you consult your doctor before starting the usual intake of an infusion. Remember that infusions are allies of the treatment indicated by a professional, not substitutes.

In this particular case, the consumption of turmeric infusion is not recommended for those who suffer from gallstones, liver conditions or those who regularly consume anticoagulants.

How to prepare a turmeric infusion

Turmeric infusion is very easy to prepare. If you are a follower of ours, surely you can already imagine how to carry out the process since it has no major secrets.

Ingredients for 4 cups of infusion

  • 1 liter of water 
  • 1 teaspoon of turmeric (4.6 grams of grated or powdered turmeric)

Elaboration :

  • Boil the water and add the turmeric.
  • Stir to prevent it from settling to the bottom.
  • Turn off the heat and let stand for 10 minutes
  • Strain and serve.

Note: There is a version of the infusion that is especially recommended to help with weight loss. In this case, it is usually recommended to include lemon in the infusion since this citrus favors the reduction of fat, in addition to improving metabolism. In that case, add the juice of half a lemon to your infusion. You can sweeten with honey if the taste is too astringent for your liking.

Dare to try the turmeric infusion and enjoy its extensive health benefits, mainly its anti-inflammatory potential that can help you cope with all kinds of muscle discomfort.

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