How to stop smoking by drinking tea or infusions

A question that we receive very frequently at Sweetea is if there is any tea that can help you quit smoking. The good news is that there are herbal teas and infusions that are an excellent resource for achieving this goal that will change your life forever: saying goodbye to cigarettes. Because tea is synonymous with healthy living.

But a query that very frequently is if there is any tea that helps reduce anxiety. Often the client is trying to quit smoking.

Although there are many systems for quitting smoking (psychological therapy, medication, acupuncture, meditation, etc.) there are factors that make these systems work for some people and not for others.

Before telling you why a tea or infusion can help you quit smoking, let’s see what are the most common factors that make it difficult to achieve this great goal in search of a better life.

Why is it so hard to quit smoking?

There are 3 factors that influence tobacco addiction and knowing them is important to choose how to quit smoking.

– A biological factor: nicotine targets areas of the brain (receptors) activating a feeling of euphoria and satisfaction.

– Psychological: When smoking, the habit of the repetitive movement of putting something in the mouth is installed, similar to the habit of biting the nails or biting the pen.

– Social: Observing someone smoking in a meeting activates the desire to smoke.

By choosing a tea or infusion that acts on these factors we can take a big step to say goodbye to cigarettes.

Teas and infusions to quit smoking

1- Green tea:

It is the best option to replace the first factor we mentioned, since  green tea provides a feeling of satisfaction that helps to overcome the lack of nicotine. According to this scientific study , the amino acid L-theanine, found exclusively in green tea, has anti-stress effects and acts as a relaxing agent and gives a feeling of relaxation.

2- Cinnamon:

This spice is well known for its relaxing effects, making it a very wise choice for those moments when the urge to smoke seems to defeat us. In addition, its aroma is so characteristic and associated with pastry that it will calm your sense of smell if you find yourself in a meeting where there is a lot of smoke. You can prepare it with this recipe or treat yourself to the exquisite Chai Tea with Stevia that contains top quality cinnamon.

If you prefer a less spiced tea, you can opt for another tea that contains cinnamon like Ginger Lime Green Tea , which will relax you even more.

3- Oats:

This cereal is often recommended in case of nervous exhaustion because it helps to reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia, allowing restful sleep.

If you used to smoke before bed, oats will help you replace that cigarette. You can also use it in moments of greatest anxiety. Preparing the oat infusion is usually complicated, but at Sweetea we have available our Detox tea that contains oat sprouts. In addition to being delicious, it will be a good way to detoxify yourself from nicotine and cleanse your skin from the harmful effects of smoke.

4- Black tea with bergamot:

If what you miss most is the first cigarette in the morning, a cup of black tea will give you the energy you need to face the first part of the day without smoking. As it contains less caffeine than coffee but with a longer lasting effect, having a good black tea for breakfast is an excellent option.

If you choose the classic Earl Gray or black tea with bergamot , the oil of this citrus fruit will have a calming effect to pass the craving to smoke. It also improves mood and humor.


It is very common for people trying to quit smoking to have a bad cough a couple of weeks after cutting back or eliminating smoking from their lives. Coughing is usually temporary and is actually a sign that your body is starting to heal.

As the lungs recover, they activate mechanisms to remove secretions that have accumulated from the smoke. The mint will loosen these secretions so they are cleared faster and the coughing stops. With Fresh Tea you will combine the relaxing effect of green tea with the expectorant of mint, all in a little packet.

6- Any infusion prepared with leaves :

Many people who have quit smoking using tea or infusions say that they did not choose any particular variety or herb, but that the very act of preparing the tea and drinking it calmly filled the gaps in the day when they used to light a cigarette.

Even having a cup of tea in hand in a meeting where some smoke acts on that psychological factor of putting the cigarette in our mouths.

When the urge to smoke hits it’s amazing how meditative and calming it can be to watch the water boil, prepare the cup and tea, and enjoy the aromas and colors as the leaves soak. That is why we recommend you resort to leaf teas and infusions that will make this moment special.

Now that you have decided to quit smoking, you can begin to enjoy two senses that were affected: taste and palate. Treat your senses by exploring new flavors, aromas and combinations with tea products: a healthy life can be very, very pleasant.

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