Lemon Balm Tea Benefits: Ingredients and Side Effects

Its leaves are a botanical ingredient that has innumerable benefits. It is native to southern Europe and is usually planted in gardens so that bees come to it. When its leaves are crushed, they emit a lemon smell and that is where its name comes from. In this post we will talk about lemon balm tea benefits , ingredients and side effects.

It is also known as lemon balm, which comes from the word “honey bee.” It belongs to the mint family, so its color is bright green, with small leaves and white flowers. This herb is considered calming and is said to reduce stress and anxiety. Has other benefits which we will detail below.

Lemon Balm Tea Benefits

Currently this grass it is combined with others to add more to it medicinal properties. It is used in cooking for its lemon flavor. Let’s look at some of the benefits of lemon balm tea .

relieves anxiety

This feeling of fear, nervousness and worry often interferes with daily activities. Anxiety is a very common mental illness and is often treated with medication, but there are those who seek natural alternatives to combat it.

Lemon balm contains a compound called gaba (gamma-aminobutyric acid) that has a positive effect on brain functions. In addition, it contains rosmarinic acid, which is what reduces anxiety levels, resulting in a safe source to combat it.

Helps fight the symptoms of depression

It is a state of mind in which the person feels sad and discouraged, it can even become severe. No matter the age or gender, it can affect anyone. The intention of the treatments is that, through medications, serotonin levels are raised. In this sense, it is said that lemon balm contains compounds that fulfill that purpose.

Fight stress and insomnia

Almost all human beings have gone through stress. When it is not treated it can cause countless diseases, as well as insomnia. The hormone responsible for stress is cortisol, which reduces white blood cells, thus weakening the immune system.

The lemon balm has a light sedative effect, which helps the person feel calm, and also helps fight insomnia.

against infections

More and more people prefer to resort to plant extracts to cure their ills. There are studies that reveal that consuming lemon balm can eliminate viruses and bacteria, thanks to its compounds of eugenol, terpene and rosmarinic acid.

Reduces free radicals

Antioxidants are responsible for inhibiting the production of free radicals, which is another of the benefits of lemon balm tea . Free radicals damage cells and antioxidants, through their flavonoids, are in charge of preventing them from being damaged.

Protects the skin

The main cause of aging and skin diseases is due to UV rays. There are studies that reveal that the extract of this plant prevents the damage caused by these rays. It is also said to have melanogenic properties, which means it reduces sun spots on the skin.

Lemon balm tea benefits. Recipes

If you already have this plant in your garden and want to use it, here are a series of recipes that you can make for various purposes.

Infusion to sleep

With this infusion , benefits of lemon balm tea are achieved , including falling asleep and relaxing. To do this, boil a cup of this plant in water for 30 minutes. It must be on low heat and the water has been reduced by half due to evaporation.

Strain and if you prefer sweeten with pure honey. Store the preparation in the fridge in a glass jar. It can be kept for up to two weeks.

Improves skin and relieves nasal congestion

The lemon balm plant is ideal to preserve the skin well and to relieve the symptoms of sinusitis. The preparation consists of boiling a bunch of lemon balm and transferring the mixture to a facial steamer. The skin must be exposed to this vapor so that it takes effect on the skin and to relieve nasal congestion, inhale it.

As an insect repellent

To avoid mosquito bites, you can rub the crushed leaves on your arms and legs. You can also make an infusion: let a lot of lemon balm stand in a cup of water for 20 minutes. Strain the preparation and place it in a spray bottle. You can spray yourself with this natural repellent when you need it.

green smoothies

Any smoothie can be enhanced with the flavor of lemon balm tea. A few leaves will suffice, it will give it a touch of freshness and a delicious lemon flavor.

flavored butter

You can give butter a unique flavor by combining it with a bit of lemon balm. The resulting butter you can use it in recipes with fish, shrimp, chicken breast, mussels, etc.

To make this butter, just mix a stick of butter with chopped lemon balm and store in the fridge. Also use it in cakes, pancakes and tarts. They will be delicious!

Lemon balm tea benefits. Side effects

There are many benefits of lemon balm tea , it is generally safe to consume, both orally and topically. However, excessive consumption of this plant can decrease alertness and generate dependency.

On the other hand, if the person is taking medication, it is counterproductive in those cases that are anti-thyroid or anti-HIV medications. In the case of pregnant or lactating women, it will be necessary to consult a doctor.

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