How many calories does green tea have?

Considered one of the favorite teas for its slimming properties and the ability to feel good. It is advisable to consume it in the form of an infusion and thus take advantage of its innumerable benefits and its low caloric value. In this post you will know how many calories does green tea have.

Green tea does not contain calories , making it one of the drinks without caloric value. This low value is achieved by infusing the loose leaves or green tea bags. However, green tea-based drinks do have calories, not because of the green tea, but because of what is added to it, for example, sugar, sweetener, etc.

If we do things right it can be achieved lose weight with green tea, which is achieved by the product of an antioxidant called catein. In this sense, the key is how to combine it or at what time of day to drink it, preferably in the morning.

How many calories in green tea when adding sweetener

We must know how many calories in green tea by adding sweetener to it, usually the calories increase a little. For each cup of tea that contains sweetener there are 5 Kcal. However, if we refer to sweetened beverages based on green tea, these calories increase, reaching 130.75 Kcal when it is in a 473 ml bottle.

Bottled green tea, of various brands, is generally sold in supermarkets. In this form it is not only sweetened with sweetener, it is also made with sugar or high fructose corn syrup. For example, 17.5 ounces (502.75 ml) of a well-known brand of green tea, sweetened with sugar, contains about 60 calories per 8 ounces (236 ml), that’s 130.75 calories per bottle. 

Amount of calories in the instant or powder

another presentation of Green Tea which we can find it is the instant or powder, which is sold in the form of frappe. This type of drink is made with the leaves of tea or matcha tea. There are marks of tea that is sweetened with cane sugar, containing about 30 calories. It can also come sweetened with xylitol which is 22 calories. These are mixed with milk to create a great-tasting drink, unlike from the bottle.

How many calories in the green tea that comes in bags

You also need to know how many calories are in green tea bags, which come in 2-gram clusters of leaves that are prepared by soaking them in hot water. One bag contains 1.8 grams of green tea leaves and that is equivalent to 0 calories. When they come powdered or bottled, other components (sweetener, sugar or milk) are added, which is what gives them their caloric intake.

How many calories in loose green tea

To ensure the intake of this drink, it is necessary to know how many calories the loose green tea provides, which is prepared with hot water before drinking it. There are those who argue that this loose-leaf tea provides more benefits to the body than the one that comes in bags. However, in any of these presentations, preparing them in their traditional ways, they contain low calories.

Although the tea that comes in a bottle or powder is similar to those modern sodas that are high in calories and other ingredients.

How to calculate the caloric value of green tea

If you are in the line of leading a healthy life and losing a few kilos, surely you will be interested in how many calories in green tea . For this, you will rely on help tables or caloric calculators that will help you in this work. You will even be able to know how many calories green tea burns per cup to know how healthy it is with milk, sugar or condensed milk.

Due to the above, various sources agree that for every 100 grams of pure green tea there is an estimate of between 1 and 5 kcal and in a 250 ml cup the amount is 2.5 to 12.5 kcal. With these data it will give you peace of mind to drink it, if you want, all day. Becoming a good option to prevent cardiovascular and digestive diseases, regularization of the immune system, improve the skin and even some types of cancer.

Anyone, even those who wear strict diets can drink a cup of tea at any time of the day. Its consumption does not affect the amount of calories in the diet at all, even if you drink 10 cups a day. But the amount of vitamins it contains will benefit you a lot, each cup of green tea contains potassium, fluorine, iodine, vitamin K, C, PP, B1, B2 and other elements that help metabolism.

For those who want to know how many calories organic green tea has, you should know the ones that the body will spend, they are much more than those obtained by consuming. All this implies that consuming it on a regular basis contributes to weight loss. But remember that this benefit is obtained, both hot and cold, when no additives are added.

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