How to drink nettle tea to lose weight

The nettle scientifically known as “Urtica dioica”, is the wild evergreen plant belonging to the Urticaceae family, it is also native to the Mediterranean, due to its leaves with stinging hairs, it is known throughout the world as the nettle plant.

For different hobbies, this type of plant is used as a medicinal remedy, due to its fat burning priorities, it is one of the best known for its means used with nettle tea to lose weight.

How do you take nettle to lose weight?

Nettle is widely used as a nutritional supplement, thanks to its properties for weight loss, nettle tea for weight loss . With these steps we teach you how to make the infusion to lose weight, you should only have the kitchen with the following ingredients:

  • Half a liter of water
  • 25 grams of nettle root

How is nettle water prepared?

1) You drink to place half a liter of (WATER) and let it heat for a few minutes over low heat.

2) When you are starting to boil the water, add 25 grams of the nettle plant only the root and turn off the kitchen.

3) Wait between 10 to 12 minutes for it to rest.

4 ) Once you answer while it is warm, you can sweeten it to your liking with a tablespoon of honey since sugar is not recommended because it has a slimming function.

5) Now you can take your ted of nettles to lose weight (it’s ready).

How long does the nettle take to take effect?

Use 12 hours to ingest as this is how long its stinging effect lasts. It is a plant that appears wild and is generally despised due to hives that come into contact with the skin. Expert recommendations do not take more than 3 times a day. day.

How long should nettle tea be taken?

This type of treatment, familiar with nettles, cannot last long unless it has been indicated by a specialist in the area.

The recommended time or period to take nettle tea is in the period of 4 to 2 weeks, if you take this medicine to lose weight or fluids or also to treat seborrhoeic state of the skin or symptoms, if in a 1 week you do not see that your results improve consult your doctor this dose is recommended for adults: take the capsule 3 to 2 times a day, accompanied by a glass of water use the medication orally; the determined period to use is 2 weeks.

Nettle medicinal benefits

The nettle has a purifying action helps to improve conditions and give benefits of nettle tea to lose weight such as: uric acid or gout and urinary tract infections such as urethritis

As an anti-inflammatory of nettle it could be very beneficial by improving the state of ailments in the multitude such as arthritis, hemorrhoids, prostatitis or pharyngitis.
Nettle helps you lower the level of sugar in the body or blood thanks to its hypoglycemic effect

Nettles are unpopular

Touching their stinging hairs causes painful scars. The stinging hairs are a defense mechanism and are found mainly on the upper side of the leaves. However, nettles are not to be despised for this. Young nettles in particular are not only full of valuable ingredients, but also have a lot to offer in culinary delights. Health-conscious people know this, as do more and more foodies.

Young nettles are best collected between March and May. The best time to collect the roots, which are also rich in active ingredients, is autumn. young nettles they have a herbaceous, fresh and finely acid flavor, similar to that of spinach. Older specimens have a less pleasant taste.

More vitamin C than oranges

As a spring vegetable, young nettle shoots are appreciated for their high content of flavonoids, minerals, vitamins, iron and, above all, protein. Nettles contain twice as much vitamin C as oranges. Its protein content is 30% dry matter.

The painful effect of nettle hairs when used raw in salads can be neutralized by wrapping the sprouts in a cloth and wringing them vigorously, chopping very finely, rolling them well with a rolling pin, or washing them thoroughly. Boiling and briefly blanching to make nettle soup and nettle spinach also renders nettle sprouts harmless. Drying them to make tea also makes them harmless.

Nettle seeds

Nettle seeds are also very valuable. When the seeds hang from the nettles in thick clusters in late summer, they can be collected and dried. They are a valuable source of energy and protein. They have a nutty flavor and go well with granola and salad.

Here’s how:
Surprisingly, nettles are very rich in protein. In 100 grams they have the same amount of protein as legumes, specifically up to 8 grams.

The high protein content and low fat content make nettles and their seeds very attractive for weight loss.

Nettle tea does not help lose weight more than any other tea. That it has a cleansing and detoxifying effect is a wish.

At best, nettle infusion has a slight diuretic effect. But this has nothing to do with weight loss; at best, it makes you think you’re losing weight.

The nettles can be used not only in soups and spinach, but also in tasty salads. They can also be added finely chopped to vegetable dishes, casseroles or pizza.

In combination with dandelion, sorrel and wild garlic, nettles can be used to create a wonderful wild herb salad.

The seeds are also a useful and tasty ingredient. They have a slight sesame flavor and, like the leaves, are full of minerals and vitamins.

As a crunchy topping, the seeds enrich yogurts, granola, soups and salads.

When harvesting, wear gloves and pick only the very tender, light green young shoots.

Nettles wither quickly after harvest. Prepare the sheets as soon as possible. You can also dry nettles to make tea.
If the nettles are briefly boiled or kneaded and cut into small pieces, the leaves taste sour and do not burn the tongue.

Nettles are an exceptional milk improver. In any case, the joy of experimentation knows no bounds.

Nettle seeds can also be ground into a powder and used as a seasoning.


Nettles get a bad name, and totally undeserved. With a high content of minerals, vitamins and, above all, protein, they are, along with their seeds, the best way to lose weight. This is not the case with nettle infusion. His praise is greatly exaggerated.

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This effect is due to the fact that the active substances in nettle tea cleanse the blood, purify the body and have a diuretic effect. As a result, a large amount of water is initially removed from the body, which leads to rapid weight loss.

However, since you cannot lose weight by promoting water loss, it is especially important to drink plenty of fluids in the form of water at the same time you take the nettle infusion. This is because a large loss of fluid from the body can cause serious health problems.

The dehydrating effect is due to the potassium contained in nettles. The immune system is strengthened by the vitamin B and provitamin A it contains. With a healthy and strong immune system, the body is also better able to burn fat and lose weight.

For the tea to work, you have to prepare 3-4 cups of nettle tea with fresh water and drink it in small sips. The tea should not contain sugar and, if possible, sweeteners, as these can cause hunger, which in turn can hinder weight loss. Do not take more than a quarter of a liter of nettle tea a day.

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