Nettle tea during pregnancy: is it safe?

Before the rise of traditional medicine, people turned to healers and herbalists to cure their ailments. Even today many recipes of this medicine are applied. The plant that we will discuss today has many beneficial properties that help care for the body, its leaves can be used during pregnancy and during lactation. In this post we will answer the question , is nettle tea safe during pregnancy?

The nettle is not contraindicated during pregnancy, however, certain restrictions must be considered before consuming it, it can be in soups, teas and even applied externally in creams. One of the benefits of this herb is that it favors the contraction of smooth muscles, although in excess it can cause abortions. It is not recommended for women with kidney problems, bladder stones and varicose veins.

Is nettle tea safe during pregnancy? Why is it useful?

Nettle leaves are recommended for pregnancy, as long as there are no restrictions on the health of the woman. Its composition is unique and useful, with the following benefits:

  • Improves metabolism and digestive tract.
  • Cleanses the body of toxins.
  • Increases the amount of milk during lactation.
  • Stimulates protein production.
  • It has a high concentration of iron useful for the proper functioning of the pancreas.
  • Strengthens the immune system.

The iron content is what makes nettle so useful for health. It is a good option as a vitamin supplement, because it is natural and does not contain preservatives. This plant prepared in the form of tea or soups is suitable in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. During the first, the tone of the uterus would increase and therefore there would be a risk of abortion, it would not be conducive to consuming it.

Pregnant women can drink nettle tea in moderate amounts, maximum three small cups a day. If you do not like the natural taste, it can be combined with lemon, raspberry or honey. Nettle tea should be prepared without the water coming to a boil (let it reach 70º), because when it reaches 100º it eliminates the vitamins and minerals.

During pregnancy the nettle plant can be consumed in oil, salads and soups. Nettle oil has properties that relieve pain. In addition, what are soups and salads are advised to be in small proportions. Natural remedies are sometimes stronger than medicines, so their consumption must be done with caution.

Phases of pregnancy to consume the nettle plant

To answer the question , is nettle tea safe during pregnancy?, one must consider that it can be done according to the trimester of pregnancy in which it is and that it does not have health contraindications. 

First trimester

Knowing the amounts of vitamins and minerals that the nettle plant has, it is not convenient to consume it in any of its forms in the first trimester of pregnancy, unless it is necessary. Among the risks it entails are spasms of the uterus, blood vessels, and smooth muscles. It can cause miscarriage and in order not to take risk, doctors do not recommend it in this period, opt for softer teas and vitamin supplements.

However, it is not contraindicated for external use, such as face and hair creams. Wearing your curls is suitable for hair loss in early pregnancy.

Second quarter

If the mother-to-be does not have health problems and is not at risk of miscarriage, she can drink it in the form of tea. With the leaves and stems a juice is prepared that is good for metabolism and digestion. In addition, hemoglobin increases, which is sometimes low in pregnant women.

end of pregnancy

If the pregnant woman does not present a risk of miscarriage, during her third trimester she can drink an infusion of the nettle plant. The recommendations given for the second trimester should be applied. Among the options available with this plant for this period are: juices to eliminate toxins, activate metabolism and relieve edema.

after pregnancy

The consumption of nettle is recommended after childbirth because it improves lactation. However, one must be very cautious if you suffer from kidney disease or varicose veins. During the lactation period it is not recommended to drink nettle tea, because it changes the taste of breast milk.

Is nettle tea safe during pregnancy? Ways to consume nettle

To answer the question , is nettle tea safe during pregnancy? , it is necessary to know that during pregnancy nettle can be prepared in its various forms, everything will depend on the taste of each person. There are two versions in which this plant can be drunk, the first of which is in the form of tea that is prepared with its fresh or dried leaves, but the concentration must be taken care of. The second preparation is in the form of juice that is made with the leaves of the plant. This version is not as popular because it is most often preferred in the form of a tea. However, both preparations are excellent.

On the other hand, there are nettle leaves that can be eaten in salads, chewed or added to soups. They are cooked before eating. It is not recommended if the person has bladder and kidney problems.

Nettle plant preparations

  • In broth. If you have a cough, you have to boil 20 grams of this herb for ¼ hour and add 200 ml of honey. Take a tablespoon six times a day.
  • nettle tea In a cup of hot water add 2 to 3 tablespoons of this plant. Strain and drink hot or cold.
  • Nettle soup. It is prepared with bulb, egg, carrot, nettle grass and 3 potatoes.

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