Organic infusion of Bamboo Leaves: properties and benefits

The Bamboo comes from Asia and its leaves have a sweet and bitter taste, a wonderful flavor which relaxes and energizes. It is the tallest shrub in the world and has been used for many years to combat various ailments. Besides does not contain theine. It can be used to treat digestive and gastric problems, it relaxes the stomach avoiding intestinal spasms and it helps against diarrhea.

This shrub also relieves menstrual pain and regularizes the period, so it is good in the menopausal stage. Besides, it reduces cholesterol. Besides, it can be used in ulcer treatments, because it helps blood circulation.

Bamboo is also used to treat respiratory problems, such as asthma and bronchitis. In oriental culture it is considered a powerful aphrodisiac, due to its many nutrients. It contains a lot of fiber and very few calories and for that reason it helps you maintain your ideal weight . By regularly drinking this tea, it helps with the appearance of the skin, hair and strengthens the nails .

If you need more reasons to try the bamboo tea, we assure you that this one highlights its flavor, which ends up conquering the palate and becoming a sweet pleasure for the senses. And if he does it taking care of your health, why do you want more? 

If what you are looking for is an infusion without theine, the varied and exquisite options such as pennyroyal, or the special hemp leaf tea. Also to treat stomach problems we have the organic chamomile infusion tetic. we do not forget the Rooibos, another favorite. 

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