5 easy ways to make moringa tea taste better

It is also known as ben or moringa, it comes from India, but its cultivation also occurs in America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Among its uses are food, tea, infusions and even in beauty. Plus, it has a number of beneficial health properties, including antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. In this post we will teach you how to make the moringa tea taste good

The moringa plant usually grows in any type of soil, even the most arid ones, it resists water stress well, which is why it is an excellent resource for populations that live in places like this. Furthermore, as more is known about its properties, its importance grows, especially in poor places, because the rusticity of the tree makes it easy to grow.

1. Moringa tea infusion and extract

One of the many ways to make moringa tea taste good is by using its flower, which can be consumed in two ways and which one is chosen will depend on its availability:

  • Infusion. For the infusion to taste good, you must use moringa flowers, these must be added to a cup of hot water, then let them rest for a few minutes to release their properties. In this way it is prepared faster and more economically.
  • Extract. To prepare it by this method, you must have a considerable amount of the flower. To extract the juice, the pulp is squeezed, thus it is more concentrated and can be to drink in small amounts.

Moringa extract is also effective against mites, serves as a bioinsecticide, resulting in a non-polluting and safer alternative for people’s health. In addition, with this extract there is a better protection people who work with agrochemicals, obviously because it is a natural product.

2. How to make moringa tea taste good. cookies and breads

Derivatives can be prepared with moringa tea, in order to increase its nutritional value, for example the bread that is made from the moringa leaf. It is a rich preparation that has protein, fat, fiber and ash, as well as iron, copper, magnesium and beta-carotene. When the powdered moringa leaf is added to the bread, its color, texture and flavor change, so it is advisable to flavor it with a substance that hides its flavor.

However, in the preparation of breads and cookies, moringa seed flour is used, which is previously boiled and dried to eliminate that bitter taste that characterizes it. Both bread and moringa cookies must be based on wheat flour. By preparing them with moringa, their nutritional properties are considerably improved. The flavor that moringa-based cookies acquire is like nuts.

For the preparation of breads and cookies with moringa seed flour, it is recommended that 10% be used for bread and 20% for cookies. Also, the seeds must be pre-treated to suppress their bitter taste.  

3. Moringa powder

Another way to know how to make moringa tea taste good is by consuming it during breakfast, one teaspoon a day. For those who like to snack in the afternoon, they can include it in their meals. Also those who want to improve sleep and digestion should drink it at night.

To find out if it works for you to try it this way, you should do it, at least for three days at certain times. You will know the results when you try at the times you chose. Not everyone consumes moringa daily, some control their proportions very well, taking one or two teaspoons every 2 to 3 days. Its taste is strong, but it is a benefit for the whole body.

One way to prepare it for breakfast is with oatmeal or cereal to cover its bitter taste, although you can add honey to hide it. In salads you can spread moringa powder, thus you will increase its nutritional benefits. Other preparations where you can include moringa tea powder is in:

  • cooked meals After serving the meals, their powder is spread over them. Moringa should not be cooked because it loses its properties.
  • Smoothies and smoothies. Moringa tea is very good when added to your fruit smoothies: lemon, honey or dates. A large tablespoon should not be added as it will greatly affect the flavor, try a single teaspoon.
  • You should only add a tablespoon so as not to alter the flavor. Moringa tea tastes good when mixed with citrus.

The flavor of moringa is not very strong and it is easy to hide it, if more than half a teaspoon is added it can damage the flavor of your food. It is not necessary to use more than half a teaspoon to provide nutrients to the body.

4. How to make moringa tea taste good. eat its leaves

Moringa can be eaten directly from its leaves, it’s like doing it in capsules. If you have a plant in your house, just pluck 5 to 10 leaves and eat them directly. Do not think that it has a very strong flavor, it is tolerable on the palate, the benefits you will obtain are many. The leaves can be prepared with other foods, in the form of spices or mixed with flour. For example: pizza dough, salads, flour for tamales, tortillas, arepas, etc.

Moringa is a food like lettuce, chard or spinach, although it is not very popular. When you are going to include moringa in your preparations, remember that creativity is the limit.

5. Moringa tea capsules

Consuming moringa capsules is more practical than doing it with its leaves or tea, its nutrients are more concentrated, precisely because they come in tablets. The way to do it is: three moringa capsules a day (one before each meal), if you can’t fall asleep, change the one from dinner to breakfast. There would be two capsules left for breakfast and one for lunch.

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