Black tea during pregnancy, is it safe?

Many doctors believe that teas are safe during pregnancy, while others believe the opposite. It is for this reason that in this post we will share an answer to one of the most common questions regarding this matter. Is it safe to drink black tea during pregnancy?

In general, experts advise ingesting this drink in small amounts during pregnancy, because black tea is one of the most caffeine-containing, and it is not advisable for pregnant women.

It is best to drink one to two cups of this tea to avoid side effects. One of the contraindications of black tea is in case of insomnia. In addition, it can cause vomiting, vision problems, heart failure, among many other problems, which in turn can be dangerous during pregnancy.

Added to this, it is scientifically proven that this drink can increase the risk of suffering from hypertension. Another of the risks that can be suffered when consuming black tea during this period of time is spontaneous abortion, which is why many doctors suggest that the consumption of this drink be suppressed until the moment of giving birth.

Black tea flavor

One of the characteristics that make it easy to identify this drink and differentiate it from all the others that belong to this category is the flavor. Black tea is distinguished by having a rather bitter taste, so it is essential to add sugar or another sweetener to improve this aspect a bit.

It is important to mention that black tea is preserved much longer than all the others, due to its level of oxidation. The temperature does not influence the properties or the benefits of this intake, so it can be consumed both hot and cold without any problem, depending on the taste of each person.

Properties of black tea for pregnancy

Despite the risks mentioned above, it is important to know the properties of the black tea in pregnancy, because they provide a large number of benefits. Keep reading and you will be able to learn about it, so that you can consider including this drink in your diet, in order to enjoy all the advantages that will be mentioned below.

As for the vitamins in this drink, it should be mentioned that it has K and B. The minerals it contains are zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. According to experts, black tea also has antioxidant properties, which serve to prevent cell aging and various degenerative diseases. Among these diseases is cancer.

This tea is also stimulating. Thanks to this feature, the black tea serves to keep the mind alert throughout the day. Also, this intake is a great source of energy. Many doctors recommend that athletes consume black tea before performing an exercise routine or any other type of training to increase their performance.

How is black tea prepared?

In addition to knowing the properties of this drink, it is also important that you know how to prepare it. The steps to follow to get a good black tea are quite simple. Continue reading this post and you will know what you should do to prepare this drink.

As with most teas, the water must be heated until it boils. Subsequently, it is poured into a teapot and then the leaves or the bag are added, depending on the presentation of the tea. Subsequently, the mixture is left to rest for approximately four minutes so that it can take effect. It is important to mention that the longer it is left to rest, the more bitter the taste will be.

After these steps, we proceed to strain, to later add a little sugar, honey or another sweetener, to improve the flavor a little and finally serve in small doses.

How much black tea can I drink during the day?

This is one of the strongest natural drinks, in terms of the different types of tea, so its consumption should not exceed that recommended by doctors, since it can cause certain contraindications. In general, doctors indicate that a maximum of three cups of this drink are consumed a day.

This is because, as mentioned above, the black tea is one of the ones with the most caffeine, which can bring many disadvantages when ingesting it more than necessary.  

What can black tea be combined with?

There are several ingredients that can be added to the preparation of black tea. If you want to know this information to make use of the recipes that exist for black tea, you are in the right place. Continue reading and you will be able to know everything you need about it.

One of the most used elements to improve the taste of black tea is honey. This sweetener does not alter the effects caused by this drink, so it can be added without any problem. Another ingredient that can be used to enhance the benefits of black tea is ginger, which is used to combat a large number of diseases.

In addition to those mentioned, another element that should appear on this list is lemon. By including this fruit in the mix, the diuretic effects are enhanced, which is quite beneficial to avoid kidney diseases, because it helps to expel liquids much more easily.

Another of the mixtures that have become quite popular today is that of black tea with cinnamon. This ingredient provides an antibiotic effect, so it can fight various infections. In addition to this, this combination helps reduce bad cholesterol levels and balances blood glucose levels.

Milk is another of the ingredients that can be included in this drink, to make its flavor much more pleasant.

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