Boldo infusion to improve digestion: properties, benefits, recipe

Boldo infusion is well known in Argentina, Chile and Peru, countries where the Peumus boldus tree originates. In fact, in these regions it is a very common way to end large meals to lighten heavy digestions.

The boldo is a highly valued plant, from which everything is used. Its fruits are edible, very sweet and, in addition, they are used to prepare home remedies, the bark is used in the tannery of skins and the leaves, to prepare infusions and poultices to treat different ailments.


The tree belongs to the Monimiaceae family and can reach 15 meters in height, although it takes several decades to achieve this as its growth is slow and deliberate. 

It is easy to recognize by its foliage of bright green oval leaves, which stand out against its paler underside. In the month of September (spring in Latin America) it blooms, presenting small pale yellow flowers and later, small green fruits. A curiosity? Each tree has flowers of a single sex, that is, for pollination to occur, the participation of insects and the proximity of two trees with flowers of opposite sexes is necessary.

Properties and uses of boldo infusion

Boldo infusion has innumerable health benefits, as well as being comforting and delicious. Among its numerous properties we can find the following.

Improves digestive function

We anticipated it at the beginning of this article: the main benefit of boldo infusion is its digestive action that helps stimulate bile secretion. In addition, its main component, boldine, demonstrates a protective activity for the digestive system, helping it to fight acidity, reflux and heavy digestion.

Diuretic effect

Ayurvedic medicine recommends the intake of boldo infusion in case of fluid retention, cystitis or gout. This is due to its diuretic effect that helps eliminate excess fluids in the body through urine.

For this reason, its inclusion in diets to lose weight is usually recommended since, by helping to eliminate liquids and toxins, it would reduce abdominal swelling.

Eliminate gases

Boldo acts against gases, helping to eliminate them naturally. So now you know: if you have colic caused by gas, you can drink an infusion of boldo to relieve it.

Has a relaxing effect

Have you ever been recommended to drink boldo infusion to relax? It is believed to have muscle-relaxing properties that help fight stress and anxiety, and is even effective in treating insomnia.

Prevents gallstone formation

Boldo would help purify the body thanks to its diuretic function, allowing the crystals that are stored in the gallbladder to continue on their way and be eliminated through the urine. More studies would be necessary to corroborate this effect.

Laxative action

Recommended in case of mild constipation, boldo would act as an intestinal purgative thanks to boldine, allowing the softening of stool and its correct elimination, without pain.

Fight bad breath

Like the mint infusion, the de bordeaux combats halitosis or bad breath thanks to its antimicrobial power that eliminates oral bacteria that cause bad odor.

Fights cough and mucus

In natural medicine, boldo is used as a remedy against colds and coughs. Its antimucolytic and antitussive effect would make it the perfect option to relieve the annoying symptoms of the disease.

Increase defenses

The polyphenols and tannins present in the boldo infusion would help improve the immune system. A study suggests that polyphenols have antitumor and antiallergic effects and protect intestinal function.

Antioxidant action

Boldo leaves are rich in antioxidants, substances that prevent premature aging and help fight damage caused by free radicals, protecting against various degenerative and cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer.

Prepare yourself an infusion of boldo

Boldo infusion has innumerable health benefits, as well as being comforting and delicious. Prepare it by infusing 8 grams of boldo in 400 ml of water and letting it rest for 5 minutes. If you wish, you can sweeten it with honey, although we recommend not doing so to enjoy its unique herbal flavor. Another option? Use the infusion of boldo to create unique and different sauces. Its flavor and aroma pairs very well with fish, mushrooms and vegetables.

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