Lavender infusion: properties, benefits, recipe

Who does not recognize the fragrance of lavender. If this plant is well known for something, it is for its powerful aroma, which makes it used extensively in creams, essential oils or even in aromatic candles and incense.

What you may not have known is that its aromas have calming properties and other health benefits that you can take advantage of by preparing a simple lavender infusion. Moreover, Ayurvedic medicine prescribes it to relieve all kinds of discomforts ranging from treating anxiety and insomnia to improving annoying premenstrual pain. 

Let’s discover below its properties and how we can benefit from them at home.

The lavender plant

Lavender, also called lavender, lavender, lavender or lavandula, belongs to the Lamiaceae family and is native to North and East Africa, the Mediterranean area, southern Europe, India and Arabia.

This aromatic plant has woody stems with multiple branches of elliptical and toothed leaves that are filled with purple flowers, although there are also pink, blue and white varieties.

In general, it can be said that Lavandula needs direct sun for at least six hours a day, in addition to alkaline soil with good drainage to grow properly.

The large number of health properties attributed to it have made it a very popular plant throughout the world, which is why it is easy to find lavender crops in countries where it did not grow naturally before, such as Japan or the United States USA.

The properties of lavender infusion

The flavor of the lavender infusion is powerful. It can remind you of other very aromatic plants such as rosemary or mint.

The tisane is made from the dried flowers of the plant and distills all its aromas and health benefits. Let’s see below what lavender infusion is for.

Relieves nervous disorders

We already anticipated it at the beginning of the article: lavender is often used to treat anxiety and insomnia.

This is due to the relaxing effect of its aroma. Different studies, indicate that linalool, one of the components of lavender infusion, would have a calming effect that would be useful for combating anxiety and anxiety. stress.

It helps to sleep

Precisely its calming effect would help to fall asleep, thus overcoming the annoying insomnia.

A study on lavender essential oil and concluded that, despite insufficient data, it can be used to relieve exhaustion and as a safe way to relax and sleep better. Of course, it recommends its use in people over 12 years of age.

Improves symptoms of premenstrual syndrome

Women suffering from PMS complain of severe headaches and cramps in the abdominal area. Research indicated that the use of lavender in aromatherapy helps improve premenstrual symptoms, probably due to its calming action on the nervous system.

Digestive properties

Lavender infusion helps improve digestion, thus being highly recommended after large meals.

On the other hand, it would relieve flatulence and constipation. Although scientific research has not proven these properties, its extensive use in folk medicine over the years indicates that it would be effective in improving these conditions.

Alopecia treatment

Are you losing too much hair and are you worried? Alternative medicine uses lavender as a method to stop hair loss. How? Placing its essential oil on the scalp and performing a gentle massage. New research in this regard would be necessary, since the latest information is from 1998.

Reduce pain

Much research has been done on lavender’s ability to reduce pain from a variety of ailments, such as pain after a C-section. 

The conclusions suggest that the combination of lavender aroma along with traditional treatments would be effective in reducing pain in cases such as episiotomy, ulcerations, and primary dysmenorrhea.

Some experts have pointed out that it could also be useful for relieving pain caused by serious diseases such as cancer. However, the data to date are not conclusive.

Antiseptic properties

There is an important reason why there are so many lavender creams: its antiseptic effect. This plant has antimicrobial activities that would fight pathogenic bacteria, helping to get rid of acne, for example. The lavender infusion, of course, would also have these properties.

Act against depression

Since time immemorial, lavender has been used as a treatment for depression. In fact, it is believed that its calming activity would generate an improvement in mood that would reduce the symptoms of depression. The studies carried out to date have yielded contradictory results, although some have concluded that its use would really be effective in the treatment of this psychological disorder.

How to prepare lavender infusion

The reality is that the preparation of this infusion does not keep great secrets, if you already have experience preparing infusions at home. For every cup of water you will need a teaspoon of lavender flowers.

Bring the water to a boil, and then steep the lavender flowers in the cup for at least 5 minutes. Enjoy the wonderful aroma while you wait to drink your infusion. Strain and sweeten with honey, if desired.

If you suffer from exhaustion or chronic fatigue, feel free to enjoy a cup of lavender at home. It will surely help you relax and reconnect with your best mood.

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