Green tea during pregnancy: is it safe?

Natural drinks have become one of the most popular foods today due to the benefits they provide. The Green Tea is one of the favorites of millions of people around the world. In this article, you will be able to learn several interesting facts about green tea. Among them, the answer to the following question: Is the green tea during pregnancy?

It is important to mention that this drink is prepared with the leaves of a plant called ”Camelia Sinensis”. As for its taste, it is one of the most pleasant because it is not too fermented, so it does not need too much sugar to make it pleasant to eat. Its consumption is highly recommended.

As for its use during pregnancy, it should be quite moderate. This is because it is scientifically proven that this drink can decrease the absorption of folic acid, which is necessary for the formation of the baby. This contraindication arises when the amount exceeds what is recommended by doctors, which generally consists of two or three cups a day.

When the dose recommended by doctors is ingested, the green tea is a safe and healthy drink even for women in a state of good hope.

How to drink green tea to get pregnant?

Although the consumption of this drink should be moderate during pregnancy, many doctors recommend that you drink green tea if you want to conceive. This is due to the properties it has, which contribute to improving fertility, both for women and men.

According to experts, this tea helps the rapid maturation of the eggs, thus contributing to fertility. It is important to mention that green tea is one of the least caffeine, which is a component that can be harmful to health, especially for pregnant women.

To achieve this goal by ingesting Green Tea, it is best to consume three cups a day, preferably after each meal to stimulate good digestion.  

Green tea health benefits

This drink, in addition to being excellent for increasing the chances of pregnancy, also contains antioxidant properties, which serve to delay the aging of cells. In addition to this, this drink helps regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It can also prevent heart disease and some types of cancer.

Green tea also favors mental health, since it provides a great relaxing effect, which helps to alleviate common problems with stress. Dental health is also greatly benefited by ingesting green tea, because it prevents the formation of cavities, controls bad breath and prevents inflammation in the gums and prevents diseases such as periodontitis.

Contraindications of green tea

Despite all the advantages that were mentioned above, it is also important to comment on the contraindications that may arise when abusing the consumption of this drink. Below, we share some of these disadvantages, so that you take them into consideration before including green tea in your daily diet.

Due to its energizing effect, in some cases this intake causes insomnia. In addition to this, it can also cause nausea, dizziness, and vomiting, especially when ingested immediately after eating. It is for this reason that it is not advisable to consume green tea while fasting.

During lactation, it is not recommended to ingest green tea, because it can be harmful, since it contains a lot of caffeine.

What happens if you drink green tea with coffee?

Due to its high caffeine content, many people have doubts about whether or not it is a good idea to combine green tea with coffee. Although both make a real caffeine bomb, this mixture can be beneficial.

According to experts, by combining these two intakes, concentration can be considerably improved. In addition, it serves to stay with much more energy during the day.

In addition to mixing the two drinks to prepare a single infusion, it is also advisable to take them separately during the day, to enjoy many more benefits. One of the recommendations that doctors usually give regarding these drinks is to drink tea before going to sleep, to fall asleep quickly, and then drink coffee when you wake up.

How do you drink green tea?

In addition to taking into consideration the dose mentioned above, it is important that you know the many ways that exist to consume green tea, to enjoy all the benefits. Regarding its temperature, this drink can be drunk both hot and cold, since its properties are not altered at all by cold.

At present, there are several presentations of Green Tea. It can be purchased in bags or in bulk. Both types of green tea have their indications, so it is advisable to read them well to prepare the infusion correctly.

In addition to the basic elements to prepare this drink, there are others that can be added to slightly improve its flavor and, in addition, enhance its properties, resulting in a greater number of health benefits.

Among these ingredients are the following: Mint, ginger, cinnamon, avocado, honey, chamomile, anise, lemon, among many others. It is necessary to remember that sweeteners such as sugar, honey, among others, must be added with some moderation, so as not to modify the properties of this delicious drink too much.

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