Guayusa, the energizing infusion of the Amazon: properties, benefits, recipe

Guayusa is a tree native to the Amazon rainforest that can reach 30 meters in height. Traditionally, its leaves are collected to, after drying, make a drink with stimulating, antioxidant and revitalizing properties.

Now, why has the guayusa infusion become popular? Simply because it contains caffeine, vitamins and minerals. The most interesting thing about drinking it is its stimulating effect, similar to that of tea, which is released slowly and gradually throughout the day. In other words, it can be a good option for those days in which you need extra energy to arrive at the last minute in top form.

Sounds good, right? And that we have not yet mentioned the number of health benefits that guayusa infusion has. Continue reading and be surprised!

Benefits of guayusa infusion

As you well know if you read us regularly, each infusion has different properties that provide us with various health benefits. Of course, natural remedies also have their risks and should also be supervised by your doctor. Today, we discuss guayusa.

Rich in vitamins and minerals

Guayusa provides magnesium, potassium, calcium and zinc, as well as vitamins C and D to the body. These nutrients are necessary for the proper functioning of the body, as they help maintain a healthy immune system as well as maintain healthy bones and teeth, among other things.

Antioxidant effect

Guayusa is famous as the plant that contains the most antioxidants in the world. These substances fight against free radicals, those responsible for the so-called oxidative stress, a phenomenon that can damage the body by causing everything from premature aging to cardiovascular diseases or even cancer.

Regularly consuming foods rich in antioxidants such as guayusa can help prevent these diseases.

Stimulating and energizing properties

We already talked about its caffeine content at the beginning of this article, but let’s see a little more about it. In addition to caffeine, it contains methylxanthine, a well-known stimulant that is also present in other foods such as green tea and dark chocolate. Thanks to these two components, guayusa is considered an important energizer. In fact, legend has it that the indigenous people used guayusa to activate their minds and thus improve their senses when hunting.

Regulate the weight

Ayurvedic medicine experts advise including guayusa infusion in diets to lose weight. This is because, on the one hand, caffeine is associated with increased metabolism that regulates fat absorption while, on the other hand, chlorogenic acids help the liver to process fatty acids more efficiently, something that results in the loss and subsequent maintenance of body weight.

Fight hypertension

Traditionally, guayusa infusion has been used to regulate blood pressure levels. Remember that hypertension is one of the risk markers for coronary heart disease as well as stroke.

Fight inflammation

A guayusa has 14 phenolic compounds, including quercetin and chlorogenic acid, and that it would act positively to reduce inflammation.

Take care of dental health

Antimicrobial effects are also attributed to guayusa. These would allow caring for dental health by eliminating germs naturally present in the mouth. An investigation supports this fact, since it concluded that this plant has remarkable antimicrobial properties that would prevent periodontal disease.

How to prepare a guayusa infusion?

At Infusionismo, we like to teach you how to prepare different infusions at home. In this case, we suggest you make a simple guayusa infusion and, if you wish, we will give you some options so that you can slightly adapt its flavor to your tastes.

This drink has a bitter taste, which is why you may need to add sugar, stevia, or honey.


  • 40 g of guayusa leaves (you can get them at your trusted herbalist)
  • 1 liter of water (4 cups)
  • optional: honey


  1. Boil the water.
  2. Add the guayusa leaves.
  3. Let sit for about 6-8 minutes, depending on whether you want a more subtle or more concentrated flavor.
  4. Sweeten with honey if desired and drink.

If you want to aromatize the infusion and modify its flavor, you can add cinnamon to it. To do this, we recommend adding 1 cinnamon stick for every liter of water when adding the guayusa leaves.

Guayusa goes well with citrus, so don’t hesitate to add a few slices of orange, lemon or grapefruit when infusing. You will be surprised by its freshness!

What do you tell us? Do you dare to try the guayusa infusion and enjoy its energizing effects? 

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