The best flower flavored teas

Combinations of aromatic teas and flowers are not a current invention. In fact, its birth is believed to have occurred hundreds of years ago in ancient China. In this country, there is a great related tradition and it is possible to taste an incredible variety of teas flavored with all kinds of flowers.

Keep in mind that when we talk about tea, we are referring specifically to infusions made from Camellia sinensis leaves , not from other plants. It is possible, yes, to use different kinds of tea and flavor them with different flowers. Can you imagine what a tea flavored with rose, orchid or jasmine tastes like? The experience is very pleasant because a new dimension is added to the infusion that surprises even the most demanding palate.

How flower teas are made

There are two major aromatization techniques. The first is the inclusion in the tea preparation of flower essences obtained through distillation or chemical synthesis. Without a doubt, it is the most economical and industrial option.

The second possibility is more expensive but its result is much better: after harvesting the flowers, they are placed on a tray located under the drawer where the tea leaves are dried, allowing them to soak up their aroma. It is a longer process since obtaining quality flavored teas requires time and patience.

On the other hand, it requires an important control. The flowers cannot be in direct contact with the tea leaves as their humidity would ruin them. Also, too much exposure to the flowers can make the tea bitter, while too little exposure will not serve the ultimate goal of flavoring. In some cases, dried petals are included in the final mix.

It is worth noting that in order to obtain a quality flavored tea, it is essential to correctly choose both the base tea and the flower. An intense tea, such as black, needs a strong flower to achieve an attractive combination, just as more subtle flavored teas, such as white or green, require flowers with more delicate aromas.

The best floral combinations with tea

Although the floral combinations are very numerous, we have proposed to choose for you the ones that we consider the most tasty, exotic or original. Dare to try them and let yourself be overwhelmed by a surprising amalgam of flavors and aromas.

Green tea with jasmine

This is one of the most popular floral combinations. It is prepared with green tea leaves and jasmine. The scent of jasmine is usually extracted by steaming the flowers just below where the tea leaves are drying.

This infusion has a sweet and delicate fragrance and it is believed that, for this reason, it would have properties to combat anxiety and improve mood.

White tea with jasmine

Similar to the previous combination, in this case the base tea is white and, in addition to jasmine, sometimes a subtle touch of vanilla is added. 

The exclusive Silver Needle white tea is sometimes flavored with jasmine, becoming a Jasmine Silver Needle. The final result has a smooth, delicate and refreshing flavor.

Another famous white tea flavored with jasmine is called Buddha’s Eyes. In this case, the tea leaves are rolled into small balls that unfold during infusion.

Green tea with hibiscus

The calyx of the hibiscus flower, also called Jamaica flower, is used both as a condiment for desserts and in infusions. This reddish flower adds a bittersweet touch, reminiscent of blueberry, to the traditional grassy flavor of green tea. Currently, it is one of the most requested floral combinations because both components have slimming properties.

To balance the bittersweet flavor, it is possible to find it in combination with fruits such as apple and strawberry.

White tea with orange blossom

Orange blossom flowers are highly scented and contain an interesting number of essential oils. Traditionally used as decorations at weddings, did you know that they are also used to flavor white tea? 

The subtlety of orange blossoms give white tea a refreshing flavor and a character that is hard to forget.

White tea with roses

This golden-colored infusion is perfect to accompany desserts due to its subtle and relaxing flavor. It is also possible to find it combined with cherry or berries, thus obtaining a reddish and sweet drink.

Black tea with roses

Congou Meigui Hongcha is the name of Chinese black tea flavored with roses. With a soft and gentle aroma, it is served to accompany sweet dishes.

Green tea with magnolia

This infusion has a delicate perfume that combines the vegetal aroma with the delicate perfume of the magnolia. Sweet and refreshing at the same time, it presents notes of umami on the palate, making it a highly recommended drink for those who like to enjoy exotic infusions.

Black tea with lavender

Lavender is a flower with a distinctive and pleasant yet strong aroma, which is why it is used to flavor black tea. Traditionally associated with relaxation, this tea can be perfect for helping you fall asleep.

Green tea with orchid

In China, green tea from Guangdong province flavored with orchids of the Chloranthus spicatus family is consumed. Would you dare to try this infusion?

Remember: floral combinations are teas flavored with flowers and, in some cases, include the petals mixed with the leaves of the tea; however, many of them only keep the aroma and do not exhibit the presence of flowers in the mixture. Which of them will you try first?

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