How many calories does black tea have?

There are many benefits that can be obtained by drinking natural drinks. One of the ones that provide the most advantages is the black tea. Among many other questions, we want to answer the question of:  How many calories does black tea have? Because there are many people who are on a diet and wonder whether or not to include tea in their daily lives. 

From the outset we will tell you that yes, that black tea is healthy and that, in addition, black tea is one of the ones with the least caloric content. According to experts, each 100 grams of unsweetened black tea provides only 2 calories . It is for this reason that this tea is recommended by health professionals to lose weight. In addition to its few calories, it is also scientifically proven that this intake helps to burn fat quickly.

It is important to mention that this tea is in a higher degree of oxidation than others. Regarding its aroma and flavor, it is also usually stronger than those with other similar intakes. It should be noted that this drink does not provide absolutely no cholesterol and very few carbohydrates.

In addition to the properties that have been mentioned above, it is necessary to mention that the black tea has a large amount of potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and zinc. Another of the remarkable characteristics of this drink has to do with the fact that it contains more caffeine than other teas such as green, oolong and white.

How many calories does Taragui black tea have?

One of the most famous presentations of this drink today, without a doubt, is Taraguí black tea. The properties of this intake do not change much. If you want to know a little more about this kind of drink, it is important that you continue reading this post. Next, we will answer the following question: How many calories does Taraguí black tea have?

This type of black tea provides many more calories than the traditional one. This is because it provides approximately 20 calories per cup. It is for this reason that it is not advisable to consume this drink in excess if you want to lose weight quickly. To achieve such a feat, it is much more advisable to include traditional black tea in your diet.

How many calories does a bag of black tea have?

Another of the presentations that can be obtained in terms of black tea, are the ”bags” or ”sachets”, which are used to prepare the infusion in a much easier way. As for these sachets, many people often wonder how many calories they have.

It should be noted that this presentation does not change the properties of black tea at all, so that each 100 gr, they provide only 2 calories, as is the case with the drink that is prepared with leaves.

benefits of black tea

This infusion, in addition to acting positively on fat burning, also provides many positive contributions that are worth mentioning. Among these advantages is the fact that it is used to combat various diseases, including osteoporosis, hypertension and Parkinson’s.

In addition to this, black tea is used to take care of the mental state, due to its stimulating properties, which allow maintaining a state of alert, especially when ingested on an empty stomach, in the morning hours. This drink also contains polyphenols, which provide antioxidant properties, which serve to prevent some types of inflammation.

The skin is another of the areas that are benefited by the consumption of black tea, because it serves to maintain both shine and hydration. In addition to this, this tea is also used to combat problems such as blemishes and can even prevent the risk of skin cancer.

Contraindications of black tea

Despite the aforementioned, it should be added that there are some contraindications that may arise from drinking too much black tea per day. Read on to learn about it so you can avoid these side effects by only consuming the dose that doctors recommend, which is usually two to three cups a day.

Among the main disadvantages that can arise from drinking too much black tea is insomnia. This is due to its high caffeine content, which can make it difficult to fall asleep. Added to this, this drink in some cases can cause vomiting, heartburn, irregular heartbeat, dizziness and seizures.

In addition to consuming only the aforementioned dose, it is advisable to visit a doctor and ask for their specific indications before including black tea in the diet, because each person’s metabolism is different, so both positive and negative effects may differ in some cases.

How do you prepare black tea?

Another of the data that is essential to know about this intake is its preparation. This is because there are many contraindications that can arise when the correct ingredients are not added to the recipe. If you want to know this information, to enjoy all the benefits that were mentioned above, continue browsing this article.

The first thing to do is select good-tasting water, preferably filtered. If you want to prepare hot tea, it should be heated for a few minutes until it boils. Subsequently, the tea is added. If it is a bag, one is enough to prepare two to three cups. If it is prepared with leaves, approximately two tablespoons should be included.

After this, the mixture should be left to rest for a few minutes, to finally add a little sugar or another element to improve the flavor and finally serve. It is important to mention that tastes can also be taken into account for the preparation, since to obtain a black tea concentrate, a larger amount is added to the mixture, but if you want a little softer, it is prepared with less tea.

This drink can be taken both hot and cold. The temperature does not influence its properties, so we can also take advantage of its advantages in winter and summer.

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