Infusions to take care of the kidneys

We have talked in the past about the best purifying infusions, understanding the purification process as the elimination of toxins or harmful agents. However, in this article we want to analyze those infusions for the kidney that contribute, on the one hand, to its proper functioning and, on the other, to the elimination of grit or stones that can cause subsequent discomfort.

Now, surely you are wondering if it is possible to prevent the appearance of kidney stones by ingesting infusions… Well, continue reading because we will tell you everything about it.

The kidney and its normal function

The kidneys are two organs about the size of a fist that are located on each side of the spine, just below the ribs. Its function is to filter the blood to thus eliminate waste and excess water. In other words, they are responsible for producing urine, a substance that flows to the bladder and is subsequently expelled.

Their importance lies in the fact that they are responsible for maintaining body balance. However, eliminating waste is not their only function: they also produce hormones that help create red blood cells, maintain strong bones and control blood pressure.

As you can see, a malfunction of the kidney can affect your health in general, affecting different parts of the body.

Among the most common kidney diseases we find: cysts, stones, infections, cancer and chronic kidney disease.

How can kidney teas help?

Different investigations have concluded that the correct functioning of the kidneys depends directly on the consumption of liquids. For this reason, infusions would already be beneficial from a first glance.

Although there is no consensus on the amount of water we should drink each day, a standard diet generates approximately 650mOsm of solutes, which must be excreted by the kidney. To eliminate these solutes, a liquid intake of between 2.5 and 3.5 liters per day would be required.

Those who have problems drinking water because they find it bland can solve this problem with the different infusions: having delicious flavors, it will be easier to increase their daily fluid intake.

Infusions for the kidney

If you want to take care of the health of your kidneys, you can incorporate any of the following infusions. Each of them contributes in some way to the proper functioning of these organs, either through the prevention of infections or stones, as well as, of course, hydrating the body.

Cinnamon and apple infusion

This infusion is simply delicious and also promotes good kidney health thanks to the antibacterial properties of cinnamon and the antioxidant effect of both ingredients. In fact, it is believed that it would prevent infections.

On the other hand, a clinical trial in animals found that cinnamon would have a protective effect against stress that could damage the kidneys.

To prepare this Christmas flavored infusion, you need 1 cinnamon stick, half an apple and 1 cup of water. Boil the water and add the cinnamon stick. Lower the heat and cover. Let cook for 5 minutes and add the apple in squares. Let cook for 10 minutes, strain and serve.

St. John’s wort infusion

Alternative medicine recommends the consumption of St. John’s wort infusion to eliminate kidney stones. Although there is no scientific data to prove this theory, it is believed that its diuretic effect would be responsible for this health benefit.

Make the drink with a cup of water and a tablespoon of St. John’s wort (or a bag). Heat the water to 90ºC and let the herb sit for 5 minutes. Strain, sweeten with honey and drink.

Nettle infusion with carrots

It is not the first time that we have talked to you about nettle infusion; in fact, we tell you that researchers have been able to prove that drinking it increases urination. This diuretic property would be useful to eliminate the sediments that end up forming the painful calculations.

For their part, carrots are rich in beta-carotene and polyphenols, substances with antioxidant potential that help protect the body from free radical damage. In particular, carrots have been found to have a renoprotective effect.

So don’t hesitate: put on gloves, cut five nettle leaves and wash them well. Add the leaves and the pieces of a peeled medium carrot in boiling water, and let them cook for 10 minutes. Sweeten if you wish.

Parsley infusion

We love this drink because who doesn’t have parsley at home? Undoubtedly, this aromatic plant can be a good investment to have in the urban garden. Not only can it be used to season various dishes, but also to prepare an infusion with a refreshing and diuretic flavor. In addition, its consumption would help to acidify the urine and thus prevent kidney stones.

If you can choose, use fresh parsley. With about 5 leaves it will be enough for a cup. If, on the other hand, you only have dried parsley at home, don’t worry: use two teaspoons. Heat the water to 80ºC and let the parsley sit for 5 minutes. Ready!

Go ahead and protect your health with these infusions for the kidney. In addition to preventing the appearance of stones and infections, you have an excuse to enjoy its flavor every day!

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