Matcha tea during pregnancy: is it safe?

Currently, it is quite debated whether or not to take teas during pregnancy, because there are not enough studies in this regard. In this post, we have brought valuable information for you regarding this. Specifically, we will share the answer to the following question: Is matcha tea safe during pregnancy?

It is necessary to clarify that matcha tea is one of those that contains the most caffeine. This substance is not recommended during pregnancy because it can bring certain contraindications. Regarding this specific drink, most health professionals believe that it is safe to consume, as long as it is not more than two cups a day.

This drink is originally from Japan. It is a green tea, ground, with multiple medicinal uses. Among the main characteristics of this infusion, the fact that its flavor is quite strong stands out. It is advisable to add other ingredients to improve the flavor, in order to make it much more tolerable and thus enjoy all its benefits.

Matcha tea tastes similar to green tea, although it is more concentrated. It should be noted that this drink provides very few calories, so its consumption does not contribute to being overweight. When used correctly, this infusion is used to lose weight, since it contributes positively to fat burning.

How much green tea can I drink during pregnancy?

As mentioned above, this drink does not pose serious dangers during pregnancy. However, it is essential that you know the exact amount that can be consumed, so as not to suffer consequences. Keep reading and you will be able to learn about it, through the information that we will present to you shortly.

The most recommended, according to many experts, it is advisable not to ingest more than 400 ml a day. Among the contraindications that can be suffered when exceeding the consumption of this drink, are insomnia, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and in some cases headache.

In addition to this, when more than three cups are taken a day, green tea can also cause liver problems. Added to this, it can also cause liver problems and ulcers.

How to drink green tea to get pregnant?

Another use that can be given to the Green Tea, is to promote fertility. Many doctors recommend women who want to get pregnant, the daily intake of this drink. The best thing to do in this case is to enjoy this intake before each meal.

In addition to this, it is also advisable not to add too much sugar to the mix, since abusing any sweetener can somewhat alter the properties, resulting in less health benefits.

Another way to use this Green Tea to meet this objective, it is to ingest it from the first day of the menstrual cycle.

Green tea benefits

In addition to the contributions mentioned above, there are many other benefits that this intake provides. Among them is the prevention of various degenerative diseases, among which cancer stands out. In addition to this, it is scientifically proven that green tea helps prevent heart problems.

Colds and flu are also combated by ingesting Green Tea regularly. Brain activity is quite stimulated when green tea is consumed, as it stimulates concentration. In addition to this, this type of tea is also used to maintain good performance, so it is recommended for people who do sports.

The antioxidant properties that green tea has are very beneficial for the prevention of brain diseases such as Parkinson’s. Another brain disease that this infusion prevents is Alzheimer’s. This is because this drink provides a large amount of catechin.

Added to this, green tea helps regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Matcha tea combinations

As mentioned above, the matcha tea or green tea can be combined with various ingredients to enhance its flavor. It is precisely this information that we will share below, so that you know how to add elements to your tea diets, with the aim of enjoying many more benefits.

One of the most famous mixes in terms of this kind of drink is matcha tea with milk. This recipe is called in several countries as ”Matcha Latte”, which is quite pleasant in terms of its taste. This combination helps detoxify the body, increases energy, and prevents eye disorders.

Another ingredient that can be added to this recipe is cinnamon. When these two elements are combined, several advantages are enjoyed, among which the care of the gums and teeth stand out. In addition to this, it combats fluid retention, which helps prevent various kidney diseases.

Added to this, you can also consider including ginger in green tea. By adding this element, benefits are obtained such as strengthening the immune system, improving digestion, among many other similar ones. This mixture is also used to combat fatigue, stress, and anxiety, as it provides a relaxing effect.

Lemon is another element that serves to further enhance the flavor of green tea. Another of the advantages of this combination has to do with the diuretic properties, because they are increased, which helps to expel liquids. This mixture also serves to maintain alkalinity levels in the body, thus stimulating fat burning.

In addition to having so many benefits, if you want to sweeten your tea, to make it more palatable, the best ingredient to add is a little honey. This sweetener is more effective than sugar in terms of flavor enhancement. Added to this, this ingredient provides excellent contributions for skin and hair care.

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