Purifying herbal teas, list and properties

Purifying herbal teas are useful for supporting the body in freeing itself from waste and toxins and promoting the well-being of mind and body.

What are purifying herbal teas for?

Purifying herbal teas are used to support the body in freeing itself from useless, waste or potentially dangerous substances.

In fact, each of our cells has its own metabolism and produces waste. In addition, our bodies are exposed to a variety of substances on a daily basis, some of which are unnecessary or harmful.

These substances are metabolized and eliminated by the excretory organs, i.e. by:

  • liver ;
  • intestine ;
  • kidneys ;
  • lungs ;
  • leather .

By supporting the excretory organs it is possible to get rid of waste substances more effectively and purifying herbal teas are used for this.

Types of purifying herbal teas

Let’s see what are the main types of detox herbal teas and which herbs to choose to prepare a detox herbal tea.

Liver purifying herbal teas

The liver is a very important organ because numerous reactions take place within its cells which detoxify the body. The proper functioning of liver cells is therefore essential for the well-being of the whole body.

To support the liver, remedies can be used that support its regeneration and have an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action. Herbal teas to purify the liver can be prepared for example with:

  • Milk thistle ;
  • artichoke ;
  • chicory ;
  • turmeric .

You can also add to the tea:

  • Fennel seeds;
  • anise ;
  • cumin or coriander .

to enhance the flavor of the drink and to also support the intestines along with the liver.


Intestinal purifying herbal teas

Intestinal purifying herbal teas usually involve the use of herbs with a laxative action and carminative plants capable of rebalancing the intestinal microbiota.

Herbs suitable for ” cleaning up ” the intestine are for example:

  • buckthorn ;
  • senna ;
  • licorice ;
  • fennel ;
  • caraway ;
  • rhubarb ;
  • mauve ;
  • ash tree ;
  • elderberry .

Before taking purifying drinks that act on the intestine, it is good to ask your doctor, pharmacist or herbalist for advice.

In fact, many laxative plants such as senna and buckthorn have a too aggressive action on the intestine and have various contraindications.

They must therefore be taken carefully, in small doses and for short periods.


Purifying herbal teas for weight loss

Although it is not possible to lose weight only thanks to an herbal tea , there are some herbal teas that can help fight water retention, therefore useful during low-calorie diets.

A purifying herbal tea for weight loss can be prepared, for example, with:

  • weed ;
  • birch ;
  • butcher’s broom ;
  • asparagus ;
  • gotu kola ;
  • cypress;
  • cherry stalks .

These plants are particularly useful for reducing swelling caused by water retention and counteracting cellulite by acting on microcirculation, lymphatic circulation and diuresis.


Detoxifying herbal teas for the body

There are blends that exert a purifying action on multiple organs , helping the body to detoxify efficiently.

Examples can be dandelion and turmeric , with a purifying and antioxidant action, to which add fennel or cumin with carminative properties, milk thistle to protect the liver and violet tricolor for the health and beauty of the skin.

Benefits of purifying herbal teas

Purifying herbal teas, as we have seen, support the functionality of the excretory organs, i.e. the organs appointed to eliminate useless or dangerous substances, considered waste.

If these organs work well, the general well-being of the organism increases. The benefits can be perceived as an improvement in moodconcentration and attention , more efficient digestionbetter appearance of skin and hair .

How to prepare purifying herbal teas

The blend of purifying herbs can be prepared by your herbalist who will take into account personal tastes, specific needs and also any pathologies or therapies in progress.

The best purifying herbal teas are in fact those prepared to measure, with bulk and quality herbs.

Once you have found your own purifying blend, it is prepared as an infusion or decoction like any herbal tea and consumed one to three times a day for about four to six weeks.

Herbs and main ingredients of purifying herbal teas

Nature provides many herbs with a purifying action. The main ones are:

  • Milk thistle; 
  • artichoke;
  • dandelion;
  • chicory

which act mainly on the liver , but there are also others. 

The purifying herbs also include :

  • Ash tree;
  • Birch;
  • orthosiphon;
  • nettle

​​​​​​​especially useful for purifying the kidneys and burdock and violet , particularly useful in the preparation of a purifying herbal tea for the skin.

All these herbs are used in purifying and draining herbal teas which help eliminate the metabolic waste produced by the body and support the functionality of the kidneys, liver, skin, intestines and lungs.

 When to drink a purifying herbal tea?

Generally the best time to take purifying herbal teas corresponds to the change of season and in particular to spring.

The spring season is in fact associated with the awakening of nature and the body and is considered the best time to help the body get rid of the toxins accumulated during the winter.

In addition to being recommended for spring detox treatments, purifying herbal teas are also indicated after following pharmacological therapies that may have tired the liver and kidneys or when there has been an exaggeration at the table with the consumption of difficult to digest foods or alcoholic beverages.

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