Tea flowers: all you need to know

Have you heard of tea flowers? It is a true spectacle for the senses. Although they have a great impact from a visual point of view, it is undeniable that their aroma and flavor are also capable of conquering the strictest tea lovers.

Continue reading and discover everything about tea flowers, a different way of consuming infusions that, without a doubt, can be a good option to give or give yourself.

What are tea flowers?

We could say that tea flowers are a true artistic composition based on tea buds and natural flowers. Basically, leaves of some variety of tea are selected, mainly green or white, and they are sewn in an artisan way with cotton thread, enclosing a flower or a group of flowers inside.

The choice of the flower to use is of great importance since it not only has a visual impact but also provides aroma and flavor to the tea. For this reason, flowers are chosen, such as jasmine, hibiscus, chrysanthemum, calendula, carnation or lily, which aromatize and flavor without invading the flavor of the tea.

It is believed that this idea was born hundreds of years ago in China, where tea flowers were an entertainment for members of the Song dynasty. However, at that time the infusion was not consumed.

Now, what do the tea flowers look like? At first glance, they are not showy or striking. They just look like tea balls. However, when they come into contact with the water, they expand and open, creating a true spectacle for those who contemplate them.

What do tea flowers taste like?

Their flavor depends on the tea with which they are made, in addition to the flower used. In general, they have a soft and subtle vegetable or floral flavor. Some flowers, such as jasmine, chrysanthemum or rose, provide a sweeter and stronger flavor to the tea than other varieties.

Tea flowers: how is your infusion prepared?

It is worth noting that each tea flower can be used to enjoy an entire afternoon of tea with friends. This is important since its price is high, due to the enormous and laborious work involved in sewing each tea flower by hand.

Let’s see together below how to prepare a delicious infusion of tea flowers. To do this, it is advisable to have a transparent teapot that allows you to contemplate the wonderful spectacle of the opening of the flower.

If you do not have a glass teapot, we recommend that you refrain from preparing this variety as you will miss the most curious, exotic and amazing part of this tea.

If you want to buy one, we advise you to opt for one made of borosilicate glass; This material is transparent and heat resistant, resisting even sudden changes in temperature.


  • 1 tea flower of your choice
  • 500 ml of water


  1. Heat the water to between 90°C and 100°C.
  2. Pour the water into the transparent teapot. If you don’t have a glass teapot at home, you can use another large container that is transparent.
  3. Place the tea flower in the pot. Some people recommend putting it on before pouring the water and others after.
  4. Upon contact with water, the tea flower is activated, thus starting a dazzling show. Little by little and for several minutes (it can be even 10 minutes), the cocoon opens. Being a manual work, each bud is different and gives rise to a unique flower.
  5. When the flower is fully open, it is time to serve the infusion.
  6. Remember that you can re-infuse the tea flower to continue enjoying your green or white tea flavored with flowers.

What do you think about this option? Have you ever tried drinking the tea flower infusion? Remember to heat the water well even when it is a flower made with green tea or white tea. In this case, the leaves have been treated during the elaboration of the tea flower, in such a way that its flavor is more subdued and they better resist temperatures before they begin to bitter.

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