The 10 Best Flavored Teas for Summer

Why not drink tea when the temperatures rise? When preparing them, you should opt for a greater number of leaves, because when you add ice and notice that it is cold, its intensity decreases. In other countries they do it and it is already a tradition, this is because drinking it hot produces sweat and causes the body temperature to rise. In this post you will find out about summer tea .

In Arab homes the guest is received with very hot tea, if it is served cold it is a sign of impoliteness. In Spain, it is preferred to drink it cold and the hot one is left for the bravest. The world’s second drink is not only for cold days, it can be easily made at home and enjoy its nutritional benefits.

The good thing about tea is that it can be mixed with other ingredients that make it unique and original. For example, with strawberry, ginger, cinnamon, lemon juice, etc. Let’s take a look at the 10 best flavored teas for summer below.

1. Black summer tea

The first summer tea , which is the classic version of the typical iced tea and the ideal option is black tea. It is usually used as a base to prepare iced teas accompanied with other ingredients such as: kiwi, strawberries, lime or orange.

There are high quality versions of black teas that can also be used, these are: Ceylon and Darjeeling. The British versions are very good, like the English Breakfast and the Earl Grey.

Iced black tea will also add milk. For example, chai tea, widely consumed in the world, is based on tea and milk.

2. Oolong tea

Produced only in China and Taiwan, its flavor can vary drastically depending on oxidation times. Lighter oolong teas have a delicate, sweet flavor, while darker ones are more earthy and robust.

When they are sold, they are made in the form of rolled balls or pearls that unfold when infused. Therefore, the simple fact of preparing it becomes a unique experience. Pure Oolong tea serves as the base for making iced tea, just as black tea is made.

They also sell flavored Oolong summer teas , especially to be drunk cold. For example, with a peach or orange flavor.

3. Hibiscus Summer Tea

Also known as Jamaican tea, it is prepared with hibiscus flowers. Is a delicious and refreshing drink Its flavor is sweet with some acidity, similar to that of blueberries. It is also used to mix with other ingredients and make teas and infusions. Ideal as summer tea .  

4. Summer tea with mint or spearmint

The infusion of mint or spearmint is delicious both cold and hot. In addition, it is excellent to prepare it as iced tea, being refreshing and with a tingling taste. When felt on the taste buds it leaves a clean feeling in the mouth and refreshes it.

Mint has a very natural flavor, so it is excellent for making summer tea , without even adding any sweetener. 

5. White tea

For those who like a subtle, delicate flavor full of floral nuances, iced white tea is the ideal. There are high-quality ones such as the Silver Needle (light on the palate and silky in texture) and the Pai Mu Tan (with a fine floral aroma).

As it is a delicate tea, its preparation must take low temperatures so that its flavor is not lost. The ideal temperature is 70 to 80º C. In addition, this tea serves as a base for preparing other summer tea . It can be combined with citrus fruits (lemons and oranges) or softer fruits like peaches and apples.

6. Summer Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea is like black tea, but it does not contain theine. Its flavor is unique, spicy, round and full-bodied. If you don’t want it to contain theine, rooibos tea is best suited as an iced black tea. Like black tea, rooibos works well with lemon and honey. In addition, you can enjoy its properties such as preventing diabetes, fighting cancer and improving heart function.

7. Matcha Tea

March tea has an exquisite flavor and is the tea with the highest content of antioxidants and L-theanine. As it contains theine, it is an excellent option as an iced tea to obtain that boost of energy that we need.

For the preparation of matcha summer tea, a bamboo or electric whisk is used. No matter which one you choose, the important thing is that there are no lumps. Being a fine powder, it is prone to forming these lumps. It is advisable to sift it when adding it to the water. Drink it cold with or without milk. It also serves as a base for making smoothies or iced teas with fruits.

8. Summer Pu-erh Tea

Pu-Erh tea or iced red tea is gaining more and more popularity. It is a very refreshing and healthy alternative to drink in the summer without losing your diet. Preparing it is very simple, you just have to do it as you do with any infusion. You let it cool and it’s ready to drink with ice. Cold retains its properties.

9. Green tea

The fermentation process for green tea is different from that for other teas, such as black, blue, and red. Due to this, its color and flavor are preserved, in addition to its properties that are so good for health. You can make a cold green tea drink by combining it with flowers and citrus that enhance its properties.

10. Pearl Summer Tea

It is a first harvest tea, its leaves are carefully chosen and rolled into small balls like Gunpowder. This tea resembles pearls and that is where its name comes from, in Chinese it is called Choo-cha.

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