What is Dragon Pearl Tea

Have you ever heard of dragon pearl tea? Have you ever seen some curious tea pearls? What are those little balls so attractive and seductive?

Maybe not, but I’m pretty sure you know or have tried the famous Chinese jasmine green tea.

Well, Dragon Pearl tea or also called Dragon Phoenix Jasmine Pearls is a delight of Chinese jasmine tea, made manually from the best Da Bai Hao leaves.

In other words, it is a simple green or white tea with jasmine flowers, except that it is presented in the form of balls to make it more attractive and expensive.

Well no! Dragon Balls tea is the best green tea with only the aroma of jasmine buds but without traces of jasmine flower

I will clarify it better with an example:

Jasmine green tea is a blend of tea, usually Chu Meewith jasmine buds that are blended and packaged so that when making the tea you extract the jasmine flavor from the dried flowers.

The Jasmine Pearls are macerated with the jasmine buds when they are going to sprout, when the aroma of the jasmine is more intense and later the remains of the jasmine are eliminated, obtaining a pure tea with a natural aroma of jasmine.

To obtain this high quality tea with the floral and almost narcotic fragrance of jasmine, the Chinese have elaborated an art based on the quality of the products, the dexterity of their hands and oriental patience.

We will tell you how they do it.

Dragon pearls or dragon phoenix jasmine pearls from Fujian, where they use the selected leaves of the best quality first spring harvest of Da Bai Hao tea, which even has some white hairs or “tips” and silver tips . These excellent leaves are wrapped by hand in a cloth, one by one, to give them the shape of pearls . Managing to obtain all the aromas of tea

In this way, a green tea of ​​excellent quality is obtained with a shape reminiscent of gunpowder. This tea is preserved from spring to summer, which is when the jasmine begins to sprout and bloom.

The jasmine buds that have not yet flowered are collected and a large bed of fresh jasmine buds is made on which the tea pearls are placed and later covered with another blanket of jasmine buds. The intention is to cover the entire tea with jasmine buds and wait for them to bloom.

When the jasmine buds bloom, they are stirred for three nights with the tea pearls so that they are impregnated with their smell and flavor.

That is, they wait for it to bloom, which is the moment when the jasmine gives off all its aroma. This process is nocturnal, since the jasmine blooms with the coolness of the night. After stirring for 3-4 times, the jasmine petals are separated from the tea, and this wonderful tea is obtained.

This way of processing the tea makes it possible to obtain a unique product.

Along with its sweet aroma and flavor, Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea possesses many antioxidant qualities and health benefits. In fact, jasmine tea has been drunk in China for centuries as a form of daily medicine, as well as for the  relaxing sensations it creates. Some of the benefits attributed to it are cholesterol reduction, stress reduction and fat burning.

To prepare a cup you must use between 7-10 pearls (2.5 grams) in mineral water at 80º for 2-3 minutes and you will obtain a clear golden broth with a delicate floral aroma and an incredible Jasmine aftertaste.

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