What is high mountain tea?

Oolong tea is a fresh tea with flavor and aroma, grown in the high mountains of Taiwan. Not everyone knows about this tea, but experts do, and they appreciate it as one of the best. Here we will tell you what high mountain tea is.

Among its organoleptic characteristics is its color, which ranges from red to green. It enjoys a great reputation and is one of the healthiest. It is considered an unoxidized tea (barely 5%), the green leaves used to make it are processed very delicately.

When the oxidation is light (between 5% to 15%) it is close to being a green tea. The properties of mountain green tea are preserved, the strong flavor and astringency are lost, conserving pure and floral. The taste of this tea is long and lasts longer on the taste buds.

Why is high mountain tea called that?

The quality and flavor of a tea depends on certain factors, one of which is the height. Because the higher it is, the better the weather conditions for tea. When there is little sun during the day, very cold night temperatures, humidity and rain, it causes the plant to be loaded with nutrients. During the cold night the plant grows slowly.

While there are teas that are harvested at least 4 times a year, the one produced in the high mountains two harvests are obtained (winter and spring). However, not only is it required to be up high, but also the location is important, because excessive cold could kill the Camellia sinensis plant.

In the 17th century it was discovered that Taiwan had a favorable climate, so this type of tea is grown on those highlands. The tall teas They are scarce, of high quality and very expensive. It is in this region where high mountain teas make sense.

High mountain tea properties

There are not many differences between the teas. They all have similar properties, because they are derived from the same plant, but certain nuances can differentiate them.

Its caffeine content

Most teas depend on how much caffeine they contain, even if that amount is less than coffee. As a good stimulant, what it does is replace the molecules in the brain that make us feel tired.

Another of the benefits is weight loss, increases sports performance and protects against cardiovascular diseases. However, it is important that you know that its excessive consumption brings problems to the body. As the leaves of high mountain tea are more mature, it contains less caffeine than white tea.


This compound works in concert with caffeine, making its effects last over time and gradual. It influences mood, emotions and sleep, improves concentration and provides a feeling of relaxation.


High mountain tea contains catechins, theaflavins and the arubigins. Antioxidants have to do with youth and well-being, avoiding free radicals that are the ones that produce cell oxidation.

promotes digestion

drink a cup of oolong tea It helps in the proper functioning of the digestive processes.

Help to lose weight

He oolong green tea burns abdominal fat, regulates cholesterol and relieves the discomfort of diarrhea. Thanks to its catechin content, it helps to lose weight, because it speeds up metabolism and facilitates digestion.

According to research conducted in China, drinking a cup a day can lose up to 3 kilograms per month. However, just drinking tea is not enough to lose weight, it must be accompanied by a balanced diet and exercise.

Specialists say that the best time to drink high mountain tea is after lunch and dinner.

How to prepare high mountain tea

prepare this tea It is very simple, it is the same as preparing any type of loose tea. First, water should be boiled in the kettle and then the oolong is poured into it, using a strainer. To make it look good, it will be necessary to let it infuse for 5 minutes, so its flavor will be accentuated and it will acquire its characteristic color.

It is advisable to drink it hot, it is excellent for its digestive properties. In the end, you will obtain a drink with a sweet, smooth and long-lasting taste on the palate. Its medicinal properties make it a healthy drink for daily consumption.

The tradition of drinking high mountain tea

Drinking mountain green tea is a custom in Taiwan, in fact, it is part of Chinese natural medicine. Its preparation and the value of the drink is as important as the tea itself.

The favorite containers to prepare it are handmade teapots, made of unglazed clay. Collectors of Chinese tea art tend to compile pots, tea cups and other accessories used for this purpose.

If you travel to Taiwan and drink high mountain tea , you will notice how it is prepared. To do this, hot water is poured into a pot with dry leaves and then discarded in another container. This is the way to remove dust and other impurities, thus its pure flavor and delicate aroma are perceived.

It is an art to drink high mountain tea , it is more than drinking it, you must feel its flavor and take the time for it. This art takes a lifetime to master.

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