20 Infusions to lose weight

Losing weight is a mission that many of us have in our day to day, and it is something difficult and complicated, so everything that can help us will always be welcome. If infusions to lose weight become your ally, it is likely that this process will speed up and you will get results faster.

Infusions becoming part of your diet can provide great benefits and can remedy several health problems that worry you, through them we can prevent fluid retention, help the digestive system, stimulate brain activity and make you have healthier skin. In addition, one of the problems that we can solve is weight loss., thanks to the infusions we can facilitate this process and by introducing them into our day to day we can obtain many benefits related to it.

The ideal is to follow a diet that includes infusions once or twice a day, although with that we do not have everything done, it is also important to maintain an adequate and balanced diet that is consistent with the objectives we want to achieve. Another important part of the process is physical exercise. Introducing herbal teas to lose weight in your exercise routine will help you get results more quickly. In this way we will be able to lose weight without following a strict diet or repressing our daily habits.

When you take infusions, you get your metabolism to speed up and toxins are eliminated from the digestive system, and that’s where we can lose weight with them, they also provide us with other benefits related to losing weight such as avoiding constipation, burning fat or suppressing appetite. When it comes to taking infusions, it is recommended that it be sugar-free, since it will be in its most natural state, although if its flavor does not quite convince you and you need a bit of sweetness, you can add sweeteners or even honey to flavor it. As long as you don’t abuse it.

It is a good option to complement exercise as we have seen, but who does not fancy a warm infusion in the middle of winter? Well, it is undoubtedly a very good option to warm up and bring positive things to the body, in any case, its intake in a cold state is just as valid and also has the same function and provides the same benefits, which is why they are recommended during any time of year and at the temperature you prefer. The important thing about this is that we are making use of a natural and chemical-free resource that will not have side effects that could harm us.

Below we are going to leave you a list with the infusions to lose weight that will allow you to obtain results more easily and we will also explain their benefits so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

The list of the 20 infusions to lose weight

Green Tea

It is a powerful antioxidant that has no calories, and in this way it gets the body into thermogenesis and therefore produces energy to eliminate those extra kilos. In addition, we are facing a mild appetite suppressant so taking it can reduce our appetite, in fact, it is a perfect ally to include in our varied diet if we want to lose weight . Its main benefit is that it speeds up metabolism so burning fat will be easier for us if we take it.

Ginger tea

Ginger is a very efficient tuber for weight loss, since if we implement it in our exercise routine and in our balanced diet it can make us obtain optimal and fast results It is advisable to take it about three times a day to get it to take effect and we should avoid taking it along with alcoholic beverages, foods rich in sugar and frozen or prepared food. A good way to drink it in summer is by making a ginger lemonade.

Horse tail

The horsetail infusion to lose weight is a bit contradictory, since what we will really achieve with it is not losing weight itself, but it helps by reducing fluid retention. When we take it for this purpose, it is important not to sustain this remedy over time, since if we get used to it, we can achieve a rebound effect. Another benefit is that if we take it we can improve lymphatic and circulatory functions, thus avoiding interference when we want to lose weight.
A good preparation option is to mix 5 grams of horsetail and 250 ml of water, and take it 2-3 times a day to see results.

water and lemon

This way to help lose weight is one of the easiest, since it is made with the use of two ingredients that you surely have at home, with which there is no excuse! With it we can detoxify the body thanks to the decrease in fluid retention. In addition, it also acts by accelerating the metabolism of fats, thus achieving weight loss. On the other hand, it cleanses our palate so that we don’t want to eat sweets.

black tea

Black tea has several benefits, among which we can find weight loss , it is a plant that is low in sodium and calories, so it can become the perfect complement for low-fat diets. In turn, it has a powerful diuretic effect that helps us eliminate fluid retention. If you are going to start implementing it in your diet or in your routine, you should know that it is forbidden to mix it with milk if you want to obtain weight loss results .

cinnamon infusion

The infusion of cinnamon is one of the best options to lose weight, since its main function is to maintain the balance of blood sugar levels, thus avoiding the accumulation of fat . Its intake activates the thermogenic response and the metabolism of subcutaneous adipose cells. On the other hand, it contains essential oils that facilitate the digestion process of the body’s metabolism.
Its preparation is quite free and to everyone’s taste, since we can do it through any drink, simply including two fresh cinnamon sticks. To achieve results, it is advisable to take the infusion on an empty stomach and before bedtime because that is when they will have the most effect.


The rosehip contains diuretic and detoxifying properties that can serve as a complement to diets if we want to lose weight and lose weight . Surely you have seen creams or rosehip oils that can provide benefits for the skin. Knowing your totality of options and taking advantage of them will be very beneficial. And it is that only with a cup of rosehip infusion a day we can already obtain results, since it provides benefits such as eliminating toxins and purifying our blood.
We are facing a highly diuretic option, managing to regulate intestinal transit and purify the digestive system. A good option is to take it on an empty stomach, in this way it will serve as a detoxifier, it will give us energy and it will help us get rid of abdominal fat.


One of the most efficient infusions to lose weight is chamomile , it is a healthy alternative to hydrate ourselves avoiding ingesting calories or sugars. We can use it as a substitute for other drinks, with it we can reduce stress, which is one of the causes of weight gain .
Combining chamomile tea, a healthy diet, and an exercise routine will make us obtain quick results. We can taste it every morning on an empty stomach and also before bed, either hot or cold. Also, if we take it ten minutes before each meal, we will be able to have better digestion. Of course, it is not highly recommended to take more than four a day.

Warm water with honey and cinnamon

As we have seen before, cinnamon has thermogenic qualities with which we can burn fat and reduce sugar in our body, in this way we level insulin avoiding peaks. On the other hand, honey helps combat constipation while accelerating metabolism, in this way we can burn fat more quickly. If we have to drink warm water with honey and cinnamon for 15 days we will be able to notice some change.
Its ideal preparation is to deposit 250 ml of water and a tablespoon of cinnamon. We must let this mixture cool and then introduce two spoons of honey. The fact of letting it cool is so that the honey with the heat does not lose its properties.

rose tea

Rose tea stands out for having properties with high levels of antioxidants (catechins and polyphenols). The right thing to do would be to take it before going to sleep, since it can serve as a digestive tonic, since it relaxes, thus allowing us to sleep well and speed up our metabolism. We must bear in mind that this infusion must be a complement to a healthy life where diet and exercise are combined, otherwise it will take longer to see benefits.


Birch water is an effective way to lose weight, it is an infusion rich in minerals (potassium, magnesium and calcium) which, apart from losing weight, provides us with other benefits. It is a low-sugar drink, which helps us to level blood glucose, preventing insulin spikes and avoiding the accumulation of fat in the body.


Orthosiphon or java tea is normally used in combination with diets to lose weight and see results in the shortest possible time. It is a draining resource that prevents fluid retention. The reality is that we cannot classify it as a fat remover as such, but it is true, that it favors the mobilization of fat and its elimination to a certain extent.


Burdock is a plant that is used to make infusions that provide us with great benefits, it is also a good option to lose weight. This plant contains detoxifying and diuretic qualities , and with which, it is effective for fluid retention, like most infusions.
For its preparation we should mix 8 g of Burdock with 250 ml.


Garcinia de Cambogia is a good resource to lose weight thanks to its fat burning power. It is a plant that contains Vitamin C and is rich in hydroxycitric acid. In addition to reducing appetite, it inhibits lithogenesis. You may have never heard of this, but it is a process in which the body makes fat. Thanks to garcinia we can make this process slow down and thus our body manufactures less fat.


Fucus seaweed is one of the current solutions to aid weight loss, since it contains high amounts of fiber that benefit intestinal transit, thus reducing constipation. Thanks to the rapid excretion, we manage to eliminate waste from our body in an easier way.

Green coffee

Green coffee is obtained from unroasted coffee beans, with them we manage to lower the sugar levels in our body, a benefit that we have seen before with other infusions. In any case, it is important to clarify that by itself it does not lose weight, but it can serve as a complement to healthy diets, in fact it is one of the most popular infusions currently.

aloe vera

The aloe vera plant is one of the most used in the cosmetics industry, since it can provide us with many benefits. What you probably don’t know is that it can also bring us benefits if we ingest it, and that is that if we specify a little, we can see how it can help us with weight loss . If we extract gel from the plant and treat it, we can ingest it and get it to provide us with benefits such as accelerating metabolism . In this way we will get the calories that are burned daily to increase. On the other hand, we will be able to avoid the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area and as if that were not enough, it will help us to level blood sugar.

Red tea

Red tea is called the quintessential fat burner that we currently find on the market, it is a form of tea that increases metabolism and helps us burn fat. Ideally, we take it three times a day without sugar. It is good that you try its flavor in its purest form, since it is very good, so we advise you to taste it without additives or sweeteners.

Mint tea

If we make an infusion with this plant, we will make our eating plan more effective in terms of weight loss since it provides different types of aid. First of all, it will improve the flow of bile with which we can achieve a more effective digestion. Through this type of digestion, we can lose weight more easily, in fact it is one of the most important steps to obtain results. In addition, it prevents excessive hunger and allows us to keep the digestive system in good condition and care.


Fennel tea is one of the most used supplements for diets to lose weight , since it helps speed up the digestion process of fatty foods, preventing excessive fat from accumulating in our body. On the other hand, it provides benefits such as suppressing appetite , relieving constipation, inflammation and flatulence, thus reducing gas and bloating.

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