The best plants to make infusions against colds

When winter or spring approaches, we all at some point have a little cold , or allergies that cause a runny nose, or even a dry throat and cough. Having a cold develops symptoms such as cough, headache, fever, runny nose and discomfort. During this period of cold, it is very bad when you have these symptoms and the truth is that to solve this cold we must take into account that there is nothing that is going to cure it, in fact antibiotics are less and less prescribed because they can even have a long-term negative effect, the most important thing is to know that we must pass the disease and suffer the symptoms, although there are certain natural remedies that can make those symptoms not so strong.
We can try to alleviate this pain through infusions or other natural products, which, although they do not have a curative effect, reduce the pain a lot. Next we are going to talk about some infusions that can help colds naturally.

The 11 infusions to relieve a cold


It is a plant whose leaves are used to make infusions for colds , thus managing to stand up to the virus, makes coughing episodes milder and also reduces inflammation. It has a tonic effect that helps relieve headaches that are very common during colds. If you are going through a cold, making an infusion of Salvia will help you alleviate the symptoms and make it go away faster.


It is a natural remedy that can be used in the form of an infusion and that serves to strengthen the defenses . It is one of the most recommended remedies to cure a cold quickly without using drugs and if you also mix it with propolis it can be much more effective. This resin made by bees contains antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties , which is why it helps when you have a cold. It also has an important property and it is that b to fight viruses and bacteria.


Eucalyptus is another of the plants that can be used as an infusion and that can help reduce cold symptoms . Among its properties we find anti-inflammatory , antimicrobial and expectorant properties. Eucalyptus is another of the medicinal plants recommended for diseases that affect the respiratory tract such as a cold, flu or asthma, since it relieves the respiratory tract.


Violet is a very efficient natural remedy to relieve cough and also to decongest, which is why if you have a cough or runny nose, it will be a very good option It contains a salicylic acid that relieves pain and discomfort, in addition it also calms the symptom of a heavy head , which helps a lot to calm various symptoms. It also provides a sudorific effect that by therefore prevents high tenths that can be dangerous.


Thyme is another of the plants that helps the infection behind the cold and manages to lower the fever thanks to its sudorific properties, just like the Violet. Like most cold infusions, this one also helps to decongest and clear the airways, relieving throat irritation. It is good to take it before going to sleep and also when you wake up so that its function takes more effect and the symptoms go away quickly.


The mallow plant is one of the most effective natural remedies to relieve the symptoms of acute colds, which are nasal congestion , itchy throat, strong coughing attacks and irritative effects. It makes all these milder and therefore we can feel better, it has an expectorant and anti-inflammatory power that will make our symptoms milder.


The Elder is a good remedy and its main function against colds is to lower fever and to restore the mucosa. It is highly recommended when your cold ailments cause muscle aches and general discomfort, as they relieve them. With an infusion of Elderberry in the morning we will ensure that the cold has mild symptoms and does not excessively affect our health.


Ginger is one of the plants that is classified as a very good option thanks to its properties and that is that it helps to soften coughs and decongest during catarrhal processes, it helps to relieve fever, muscle pain and headaches. It is a good remedy to face the infection, with a daily infusion you will see the results and you will not have to resort to medicines.


It is one of the best options to combat mucus during a cold thanks to its b, it also soothes a cough and clears the nose and airways in a way that helps to alleviate respiratory discomfort and discomfort when you feel unwell. Thanks to its antiseptic effect , it also helps if the cold leads to a flu infection. Thanks to this plant we will be able to avoid the consumption of medicines, thus helping our immune system to suffer less.


Primavera is a plant that can be used to make infusions and has balsamic and mucolytic action, it clears the throat and also helps to expel possible mucus created as a result of the cold. Making a spring infusion can be very useful for colds to pass faster.


It is a bush related to the eucalyptus and contains many of the same properties, among those properties we find the balsamic and antibiotic properties. The myrtle is an excellent solution to combat colds with mucus, strong sneezing and respiratory distress. As its use is to clear the respiratory tract, the essential oil is applied in vapors, although another possibility of use is to soak compresses with the infusion of the leaves and apply them hot on the sore chest to relieve discomfort.

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