8 infusions for fluid retention

Fluid retention is a very common problem when there is an imbalance in our metabolism, this makes us feel heaviness and swelling in certain parts of the body such as legs, chest, ankles and abdomen. This fact occurs on certain days or times and can be caused, for example, in women by the hormonal change that occurs before menstruation. It can also be caused by a sedentary life and hormonal ups and downs or by poor circulation and constant stress. . Having swelling due to fluid retention is very uncomfortable, since you feel swelling and discomfort, which is why in this article we will talk about some of the solutions for this problem.
Some of the things that help reduce the problem is to drink two liters of water a day and avoid excess salt. In this way we will try to reduce the problem as much as possible.
In any case, a good natural remedy to control fluid retention are herbal teas, which in addition to providing more than one benefit, are within our reach and their intake is suitable for everyone, in addition, they can help us control the swelling caused due to edema, we are going to talk about some of them below.

The list of our favorites


It is an excellent cleanser that favors the functioning of the kidneys and the elimination of liquids from the metabolism. Thanks to its properties we can say that it is one of the most effective liquid reduction infusions . Helps eliminate toxins and has a cleansing effect that helps control the damage caused by free radicals.
It is a very powerful diuretic that eliminates retained fluid and improves kidney function. Making an infusion of dandelion from time to time will help you feel better and reduce the problem.


Fennel is a powerful medicinal plant that has digestive capacity and is very effective in reducing bloating caused by gas and fluid retention. Making an infusion of fennel in the morning or at night before going to bed is an excellent way to combat this problem. The best part of this is that in no time you will see effective and optimal results that will help you feel better. In addition, among its benefits we also find that it prevents the appearance of urinary infections, combats constipation and favors the elimination of toxins.

Horse tail

Surely you have heard of this infusion at some time, and it is well known for its effects against fluid retention. Pay attention because it can become one of your best allies to lose weight and solve the swelling caused by fluid retention. It is a very useful infusion thanks to its purifying power, as it helps prevent the accumulation of toxins. It brings many benefits and will make you feel better and without bloating.
Although it also has its negative side and that is that although it seems harmless, its continued or abusive use can have toxic effects, since it contains silicates and alkaloids that can cause digestive problems, headaches and erythema, among others. That is why we recommend including it in your diet but moderating its intake and making a regulated use.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the infusions that provides the most benefits for metabolism, and how could it be otherwise, it had to be on the list of infusions that help eliminate fluid retention. Thanks to its properties we recommend that you introduce it into your diet to see results and feel less bloated. It has antioxidant properties and regulates the blood sugar level, it is also cardio healthy and strengthens the immune system from possible problems or subsequent pathologies. It is an infusion that stimulates the metabolism .
It is a good purifying infusion, since it reduces inflammation and works very well to eliminate fluid retention. Its preparation is as simple as including a couple of leaves in a glass of hot water and drinking it to do its job.


Orthosiphon or Java tea is also highly recommended for fluid retention, it contains purifying and digestive properties, which makes it the perfect complement for weight loss diets. Thanks to its diuretic function, it manages to help the kidneys to work more efficiently and with less difficulty. We can classify it as heart-healthy thanks to its high potassium content.


The Birch provides benefits among which we find the elimination of fluid retention, it has a purifying function and eliminates toxins, thereby helping to relieve abdominal swelling or swelling in other parts of the body where fluid retention is reflected. It is also one of the less aggressive options to see quick benefits. Among these benefits we also find that it is useful to combat cellulite naturally without the need to resort to cosmetics with chemical ingredients.

Jamaica flower

It is an ideal infusion to counter fluid retention problems, it is a diuretic that helps eliminate toxins and they are expelled through urine.
It is highly recommended, since its action on the metabolism only brings benefits and also, like Birch, it is not aggressive at all, so you can take it calmly.


The Boldo is one of the most beneficial plants for fluid retention, placing its leaves in a hot cup will reduce the swelling that you constantly experience and these leaves are ideal for this type of problem. Among its properties we find that they have isoquinoline and quinolizidine alkaloids, these, in addition to promoting fluid retention, also help proper circulation, so Boldo can be determined as a perfect option to feel less bloated and feel better.

Introducing one of these infusions into your day to day will provide a better functioning of the metabolism and will make you feel better about yourself. At Bienestarlife we ​​recommend that you try them and feel the results.

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