13 herbal teas for anxiety

At some point in our lives we have all experienced anxiety , which is an emotion that alerts the body to prepare for something important. It is a psychophysiological reaction of activation of the central nervous system and the organism in general. It arises in situations in which you have to act using intense effort and face a threat or danger that is happening or that will happen in the future.

Anxiety causes changes in our bodies that prepare us to act quickly and respond to the moment.

In most cases, anxiety is a healthy and normal reaction. This happens, for example, when you are waiting for a special or important event for you. It is important to normalize anxiety, since it is an emotion that occurs regularly in many people, and you have to know how to live with it and manage it as well as possible, since it cannot be completely eliminated.

These anxiety disorders are characterized by having excessive fear, worry or anxiety, which generate unpleasant discomfort and is the same for people of all ages. It affects the normal functioning of people. Depending on the main focus of the problem, it is classified into one disorder or another:

-Separation anxiety disorder.

-Specific phobia.



-Generalized anxiety disorder.

These are some herbal teas for anxiety that can help you:

valerian infusion

It is a plant that contains sedative properties , and for a long time it has been used to combat sleep disorders, anxiety and stress. By causing drowsiness, it is very effective and intense against anxiety.

Being a plant that generates strong effects, it is very important not to mix it with alcohol, during pregnancy or lactation, or even before driving, since it could be very harmful, and it is contraindicated for people who take sedative medication.

kava infusion

This herbal tea for anxiety comes from a very psychologically beneficial plant that is native to the South Pacific. It is from the mint family and works very well to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Various studies and research have shown that its properties are very useful to alleviate insomnia and anxiety crises . It is recommended to ingest this infusion three times a day, unless you have Parkinson’s, since it is not recommended for this disease.

hop infusion

This plant, native to various regions of Europe, has a somewhat bitter taste. If it is consumed as an infusion, it helps the nervous system, fighting nervousness , depression, insomnia, stress, and also helps digestion.

This plant is ideal for relaxing muscle spasms , which is why it is recommended for cases of digestive system dysfunction, irritability or nervous colitis.

passion flower infusion

The passion flower is a derivative of the passion flower, and is used as an anxiolytic and natural relaxant . At the time of the Aztecs it was already used for its analgesic and sedative properties.

They recommend it for depression, since consuming it generates a bit of euphoria. What’s more, it is also used for insomnia, headache and tachycardia.

sage infusion

It is an aromatic plant, which is not only used to decorate gardens, but is also used to make infusions for anxiety , which improve the quality of your digestion and helps prevent intestinal gas generation.

oregano infusion

It is a drink with a pleasant flavor, and it also contains natural antioxidants and relaxing power. It is ideal for snacks or dinners, to have a quality rest.

lime infusion

Being a less intense herbal tea for anxiety than valerian, it is not as effective, but it is still one of the best remedies to alleviate nerves and contains calming properties. Students use it a lot.

Lemon verbena infusion

It is very effective in fighting anxiety , as it contains calming properties. Also, it goes very well for emotional health. But it is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

Chamomile infusion

You may already know the infusion of chamomile for being popular for its digestive properties, although it also helps to calm the nerves and calm down due to its anxiolytic properties.

lemon balm infusion

It is a natural plant that has properties that help relax and digestion. Apart from calming anxiety, it is also used for people with episodes of depression. This plant has been used for decades.

lavender infusion

Lavender has relaxing properties. This plant is used for a wide variety of purposes in the home, for example, as an aromatic or anti-insect plant. However, its relaxing properties offer us a valuable natural remedy for our health, both physical and emotional.

Thanks to its effect as a natural anxiolytic, lavender infusions help us combat episodes of nerves, irritability, tachycardia and migraines.

Ashwagandha tea

It is a plant native to India, which is famous as a supplement for some diseases, with which it helps alleviate stress and strengthens the immune system. If you are one of those people who likes to try new exotic plants, ashwagandha can help you relax and relieve feelings of tiredness.

Tarragon infusion

This type of infusion makes you reach a state of peace and stimulates the relaxation of the body .

There are other ways to combat anxiety. By changing small habits in our routine, we can calm anxiety a bit:

-Healthy eating: with a healthy and balanced diet, it will make us feel better mentally and thus reduce that bad state of negativity and nervousness that can trigger anxiety.

-Exercise: If yours is a case of anxiety, it is very important to keep your mind and body busy. Just being active, without doing hard exercise, already benefits you, and it is a great natural remedy to combat anxiety.

-Relaxation techniques: this is another aspect that can help us fight anxiety. Mindfulness , yoga, massage , and meditation are phenomenal techniques for fighting anxiety.

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