5 natural remedies to purify yourself after the holidays

From an article by Cure Naturally that appeared in Il Tempo, 5 natural remedies to remedy holiday food imbalances, remove the sense of heaviness, purify the “filter” organs.

Returning from the umpteenth grand bouffe based on wrong food combinations, toasts, multiple tastings between one cooking point and another, after the holidays it happens to feel abdominal tension, stomach acid, overweight. You can use natural remedies that purify the “filter” organs and remove the sense of heaviness .

Spices to awaken the metabolism

One of the possible strategies to regain weight is to increase the intake of nutritional supplements that speed up the metabolism, such as spices . Coriander seeds , for example, excellent on salads, meat and fish, or used to flavor bread, pasta and cakes, warm up the intestine without irritating the mucous membranes, promoting relaxation of the abdominal muscles. Ginger is also very precious , which stimulates the metabolism and activates the digestive enzymes; you can drink it in the form of tea or take a clove without the peel before meals.

Lose weight with medicinal plants

As far as phytotherapeutic remedies are concerned, we should mention the sea oak ( Ficus vesiculosus ), a brown algae of the Fucaceae family. It was baptized by Pliny the Elder, while, in 1862, the doctor Duchesne-Duparc described its catalysing action on the general metabolism. The average dosage is 50 drops of mother tincture, once a day upon awakening. To prepare an infusion, pour 2-3 teaspoons and leave to rest in boiling water for 10 minutes (maximum 3 cups per day). The action of the sea oak is enhanced by the joint use of the hawkweed ( Pilosella hieracium ).

Moor baths to eliminate waste

Home hydrotherapy is excellent for dissolving stagnation and fat deposits. In parapharmacies and herbalists you can find the Moor, an agglomeration of musks, leaves and decomposed roots, rich in silica, zinc, iron, resins. Pour 250 ml into the tub filled with hot water (a temperature between 36.7 and 40°C: the heat drains impurities, helps expel mucus) and you allow yourself 20 minutes of immersion before Morpheus arrives .

Herbal teas, infusions

If the liver has been put to the test during the holidays, a purifying herbal tea is ideal : mix 40 g of rosemary , 40 of dandelion , 30 of mint . Bring the water to a boil and pour it over the herbs. Leave to rest for 10-15 minutes, filter and drink. Otherwise, the classic canary : cut the yellow part of the lemon peel and boil it in water for a few minutes. If you have bay leaves, add them, the stomach will calm down immediately.

Bring the turnips to the table

Turnips detoxify the body because they reactivate the kidneys and intestines . They can be eaten raw, in salads, or cooked, stewed or steamed. In the face of a low caloric intake, the turnip has a high content of water and fibers with a diuretic action , it is a natural reservoir of mineral salts and contains selenium and vitamins , useful for cleaning up the blood.

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