Herbal Teas good for teeth and Gums

Even teeth can be helped with natural remedies, to be mixed to create a smile-saving herbal tea. Against inflammation, neuralgia, bad breath, there are simple ingredients for daily use which, in synergy, can help our mouth.

Toothache is one of those ailments that either represents the signal of a problem that we have not noticed or of a carelessness on our part, postponed to times that could then present the bill.

Unfortunately, the ailments related to our teeth don’t go away on their own or with mild remedies and generally get worse if you don’t intervene with a professional.
We always consult our dentist, even in advance!

In extreme conditions, when we can’t immediately go to our doctor and we have to appease that constant pain that seems to total our being, some natural remedies come to our aid.

We find some of them easily in our kitchen: a real herbal tea for toothache can be created with a mix of effective remedies that work in synergy with analgesic, disinfectant and refreshing properties.

Cloves , mallow , lemon , star anise , sage are the classic remedies that can help the well-being of our teeth, let’s see their properties in detail.

Cloves for toothache

Cloves and their use to soothe toothaches belong to the popular tradition of many peoples. When there was a lack of knowledge in the dental field , cloves were used to soothe pain from caries, but also inflammation of the gums, to be sucked or even placed as much as possible in contact with the painful part. What are cloves ? They are the dried buds of Eugenia , a plant of the Myrtaceae family . They boast analgesic properties thanks to the strong presence of eugenol, the essential oil of flowers,

as well as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects .

They can also be used to make disinfectant and healing rinses of the oral cavity: in hot water with coarse salt they help prevent gingival inflammation, canker sores, and after using a toothbrush and toothpaste, they can be an excellent mouthwash.

Star Anise for teeth, gums and breath

Star Anise comes from the Philippines, China and Japan. Its flower is in the shape of an eight-pointed star, which releases the seeds when it dries.

Anethole is the active ingredient obtained from its fruits and boasts antispasmodic and sedative properties , as well as stomachic, carminative, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

As well as cloves, star anise seeds can also be placed near the painful part to soothe the peaks of pain before resorting to the dentist’s intervention.

The herbal tea that we can prepare with mallow and star aniseit can be taken both to rinse and gargle, in order to disinfect the entire oral cavity, the gums and purify the breath, and for internal use, for the benefit of our digestion, the digestive tract, activating its anti-fermentative properties which will to also counteract halitosis problems.

Myrrh, to disinfect teeth and gums

When the gums are healthy, the teeth are also strong and when the teeth are clean without plaque and tartar, our gums are in good health and do not suffer from inflammation and infection.
This tells us that we cannot ignore a condition of complete equilibrium. To protect a correct habitat of our oral cavity, Myrrh comes to our aid.

Myrrh is a resin extracted from Commiphora, a shrub typical of some African states, the Middle East and India and used for conservation and as an anti-inflammatory.

Myrrh is not intended for internal use : therefore it will not be an ingredient in our herbal tea for the teeth and oral cavity, but we use it as a mouthwash. On the market we find it in hydroalcoholic extract to be used to disinfect the oral cavity, keep the gums healthy from bacterial infections.

Mallow for toothache

Mallow is a first aid remedy for many small ailments that can afflict us and is also useful in case of neuralgia caused by dentinal sensitivity, hints of tooth decay, inflammation of the gums. Thanks to its mucilage it carries out a soothing, healing and mildly anesthetizing action . The presence of tannins has an immediate astringent effect, in case of laxity of the mucous membranes, bleeding gums. The Mallow infusion with the synergy of star anise or cloves can be a panacea while waiting to be received by your dentist!

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