De Maria Infusion: how it is prepared and what are its benefits

The dope or cannabis is a plant that is given various uses, including as an ointment or in the form of an infusion. Until now it is what has taken more relevance. In this article we will talk about the Maria’s infusion, how it is prepared and what are its benefits.

Perhaps there are people who respond to a high dose of marijuana, because they have used it in other forms and therefore become resistant. However, when it is consumed orally, the effects are not immediate, they take longer than if the smoke were inhaled. Its effects begin after one or two hours of having consumed it. One fact that should be considered is that when you smoke you receive 15% of TDH, while by mouth you receive 40% of TDH.

Advice on the infusion of Maria

A very important point to consider is the amount of leaves that should be used, because not all people react in the same way. In this sense, it is best to use between 0.5 to 3 grams of leaves per cup. If the buds are to be used, the dose is 0.2 to 0.5 grams per cup. It is the amount that a person’s body can tolerate. This last point must be taken into account.

An ideal liquid to prepare Maria’s infusion is milk, because it does not dissolve very well in water. marijuana or cannabis has some components called cannabinoids that adhere to fat particles facilitating transport throughout the gastric system.

Also, it must be considered that the type of marijuana that is used will generate effects in the body that can be active, relaxing and even social. Not everyone will have the same effects and it will depend on how potent it is. You should consider all of this when you drink your first cup of Maria’s infusion .

How to prepare an infusion of Maria

To prepare an infusion of Maria you need:

  • Water or milk. If you decide to use milk, it can be cow, goat, almond, etc.
  • A tablespoon of olive, sunflower or vegetable oil.
  • A marijuana bud.
  • You can add sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, sweetener or whatever you prefer to sweeten it.

Before continuing, you need to know that the resin itself does not dissolve in water, so it is important to use some type of fat so that the leaves or buds come off. That is why the use of oil, it can also be butter or goat’s milk.

For its preparation we must do the following:

  • To make the infusion of Maria to boil milk or water. Preferably in a wide saucepan.
  • Once it boils, remove from the heat and add the crushed marijuana and the fat.
  • We put back on the fire and stir. Reduce the heat and leave it for about 45 minutes. This is how the proper flavor will be achieved and not a liquefied flavor.
  • Then, after a little time, the mixture will be strained.
  • Finally, we will proceed to sweeten it.

Benefits of Maria’s infusion

Marijuana has a number of incredible benefits, such as preventing, decreasing, and controlling severe nausea and vomiting. Also, keep in mind that Maria’s infusion should not be given to children or pregnant women who manifest the aforementioned symptoms. It could generate a very strong reaction because your body is not trained for this type of home remedy.

  • Eliminates itching. The Maria’s infusion Eliminates severe itching, caused by liver or skin diseases. It is also widely used in ointment, preventing further development of the infection.
  • Good remedy against cancer. There are studies that indicate that marijuana has a component called CBD that helps prevent cancer from spreading. Although studies are not conclusive regarding its effectiveness.
  • It makes Alzheimer’s slow. According to a study published by the Molecular Pharmaceutics Journal, THD slows the progression of this degenerative disease. The way it works is by blocking the enzyme in the brain through the formation of amyloid plaques. Plaques are what kill cells and neurons in the brain, which is why marijuana is so important.

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