Decongestant herbal teas

Decongestant herbal teas are useful in case of colds, allergies, abundant mucus, but not only: let’s find out how to prepare them.

Abundant mucus, colds, phlegm, tickling in the throat, watery eyes, allergic symptoms that haunt you.

Between mites, smog and pollen, breathing is hard and trouble should you forget your handkerchief; but if despite everything you are determined to resist, not to take medicines and to choose alternative ways, here is something that can do for you.

The advice is to first try natural and phytotherapeutic remedies , or with decongestant herbal teas , for example.

Here’s how, with patience, perseverance and obstinacy, combine ingredients that can ease your discomfort.

Composite herbal teas

Herbal tea with thyme and other herbs

This herbal tea is useful for all respiratory allergies and in particular for allergies to dust, it is decongestant and frees the nose and throat from mucus and phlegm . In fact, it has decongestant, expectorant, hypoallergenic properties.

Ingredients (in equal parts)
thyme ,
eucalyptus ,
elderberry ,
horse chestnut 

Preparation : infuse a teaspoon of herbs for ten minutes in a cup of boiling water, filter.

Use : drink a couple of times a day, away from meals.

Ginger and lemon decoction

Ideal for decongesting the respiratory tract and disinfecting the oral cavity, ginger is an effective natural antibacterial which, combined with lemon and cloves, is able to relieve seasonal discomfort. 

Ingredients :
> 3 small pieces of fresh grated ginger root ,
> the zest of half an organic lemon,
> a little lemon juice ,
> a couple of cloves ,
> honey

Preparation : put the fresh ginger to boil in a saucepan filled with water, add the lemon zest and the cloves; leave to simmer for about five minutes then filter. Add a few drops of fresh lemon juice and half a teaspoon of honey

Use : to be consumed twice a day, or at least in the evening before going to bed, even for prolonged periods

Individual emollient herbal teas

For those who love herbal teas with a single ingredient or flavour, they can try emollient and soothing herbs and plants, such as marshmallow , mallow , which is also a good antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory, or laurel , an old grandmother’s remedy, it is anti-catarrhal and facilitates digestion.

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