Infusions to lower cholesterol in the body

This lipid exists naturally throughout the body. The liver is responsible for producing 80 percent of the cholesterol that the body needs. There are foods such as meat and milk, which contain the rest of the cholesterol that the body acquires. Lipoproteins are a mixture of lipids with proteins that run through the blood emulsifying cholesterol in order to transport it and that cells have a structure and purpose.
It is not bad to have cholesterol, on the contrary, the body needs basic levels of cholesterol, although it is possible that if these levels are very high it can trigger heart disease. Control of this substance is very important to lead a healthy life. And it is that cholesterol has beneficial and harmful aspects.
The objective of this article is to inform about all the aspects of this natural substance that our body generates, those problems that it can cause if its levels are excessively high, its functioning in our organism and tips to prevent its level from rising.


Cholesterol is an essential cell for the composition of the human organism, in fact, it constitutes the membrane, at the same time that it provides fluidity .
In addition, this cell regulates blood pressure and helps the immune system, thanks to the increase in a very important vitamin, vitamin D.

Another positive aspect of cholesterol is that it acts as a protective layer and participates in the healing and healing of wounds, protecting the skin from the sun and air. It also carries out the transport of vitamins A and E, enzymes and antioxidants.


Cholesterol is transported by lipoproteins, since it is not soluble in the blood. What happens when cholesterol levels are high is that this cell begins to stick to the veins and arteries until they end up clogging. This is called arteriosclerosis, which can lead to high blood pressure, blood clots, and even a stroke.
Scientific studies have shown that there is a relationship between an accumulation of cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is defined by 2 aspects:
The first aspect is insulin resistance and the other is reduced insulin production. The reduction in insulin production is caused by beta cells in the pancreas, which reduce the release of insulin. It has been studied that there is a relationship between high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. These beta cells are in charge of secreting insulin, and if cholesterol is high, they begin to malfunction.

Today cholesterol is one of the main causes of mortality in the population. There are more than 2.6 million deaths worldwide every year due to cholesterol. Europe is where more cases of high cholesterol are recorded. Germany, Italy, Spain and France are the countries with the most inhabitants that suffer the most diseases due to this lipid.
It is of great importance to lead a healthy life and worry about your own diet and well-being, which is why you have to regulate the consumption of certain foods, reducing the consumption of foods of animal origin, increasing the consumption of natural fibers, increasing the consumption of phytos sterols and foods of animal origin, and above all, doing physical activity greatly helps health, both physical and mental.

10 infusions to lower cholesterol

The infusions are a complement to the care of our health and food.
There are many infusions to lower cholesterol in the body, these are the following:

Turmeric infusion

a perfect tea to burn fat. Turmeric is an ingredient widely used in African and Eastern culture, an ingredient with a strong flavor and that provides very healthy properties for meals. Using turmeric in infusions is a good way to regulate cholesterol naturally. It can also be mixed with other spices such as black pepper, ginger or cocoa, which gives it a sweet taste.

Infusion of dandelion

This infusion to lower cholesterol is also ideal for losing weight because it contains inositol, atherosclerotic drugs, such as quercetin. It is recommended to drink 3 cups of this infusion a day in order to reach the goals you want. It is very important not to overdo it, in terms of the amount ingested and the period of time it is taken, since a reasonable figure is about 2 or 3 months. This is one of the best-known infusions for the liver, which must be accompanied by a healthy diet and physical exercise.

Boldo infusion

Some studies have shown that taking 2 cups of boldo tea a day helps lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


It is advisable to drink 2 cups of this infusion daily to lower bad cholesterol in the blood. In addition, licorice is a digestive component that helps our mood and stress.

Green Tea

One way to lower bad cholesterol in the blood naturally is by regularly consuming green tea, according to a study. In this study, some of the most recommended varieties are mentioned, such as Bancha tea, Sencha green tea, Kukicha green tea and Gyokuro green tea. A positive aspect of green tea is that, as it contains less amount of theine than black or red tea, it can be taken at what time and you will be able to sleep peacefully. Another positive aspect is that this tea eliminates toxins from the body and is diuretic.

artichoke infusion

Drinking artichoke tea helps purify the blood, and due to its acid composition, it reduces excess cholesterol in the blood, in addition to lowering blood pressure and preventing atherosclerosis.

Infusion of yerba mate

This type of tea has a strong antioxidant action, it contains saponins, which are organic compounds that decrease the absorption of cholesterol and fats at the intestinal level, thus increasing excretion through feces.

Red tea/pu-erh

Red tea, also called pu-erh, not only contains antioxidants, but also contains theobromine, a compound that increases cholesterol excretion in feces, thus altering fat metabolism.

Fenugreek infusion

This is a natural remedy of Greek origin that helps lower triglyceride levels. In addition, it also serves as an analgesic and anticoagulant during the menstrual period. It is possible to combine the infusion with the herb gugul.

Basil infusion

This aromatic plant is used in many foods, but it is also possible to make an infusion with this plant that will help you reduce triglycerides, you will appreciate its flavor, smell and properties more.

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