Is dandelion tea acidic? Or is dandelion tea alkaline?

Teas, in many countries of the world, have become a fundamental part of the diet. Among the most popular is dandelion tea, due to its particularities and the benefits it provides. If you have not had the opportunity to drink this drink, you may have some doubts. One of the most common questions in this regard is: Is dandelion tea acidic?

The main reason why many people ask this question is the confusion that usually exists between acids and alkalines in terms of these types of drinks. To distinguish between these two types of scales, it is necessary to take into account the PH levels, since when these are located from 0 to 7, it is considered acid.

On the other hand, when the PH is 7 or even higher, the drink or other types of substances are considered alkaline. As for the dandelion tea, according to experts it should be considered as an alkaline, due to what was explained above. It is for this reason that it is advisable to use the newest leaves of the dandelion to prepare the tea.

What is dandelion tea and what is it for?

In addition to the information that was previously presented, there are many others that we will share with you in this post. Among such information is the concept of the dandelion. If you want to know a little more about this drink, keep reading and you will know exactly what it is.

This plant is native to Asia, North America and Europe. At present, it is very popular in all countries of the world, due to the multiple benefits it provides. This tea is considered by many people as the best option in terms of this type of drink.

The dandelion is a medicinal plant, from the Asteraceae family, with a large number of yellow flowers. The tea that is prepared with this plant is used to alleviate several health complications such as fluid retention, high cholesterol, constipation, uric acid, among many other similar ones.

In addition, this drink also serves to reduce abdominal pain, flatulence and gas. Bone health is also greatly benefited by the intake of dandelion tea, since it is rich in calcium, therefore it strengthens the bones and prevents diseases such as osteoporosis.

Another of the diseases that this rich drink prevents is anemia. This is because dandelion tea is rich in iron, protein, and a host of vitamins. It is thanks to these properties that people who include this tea in their diets maintain great energy during the day.

How long can I drink dandelion tea?

Although there are many benefits that this intake provides, it is essential to find out about the time in which it can be taken. Exceed in terms of consumption of this dandelion tea produces some contraindications. It is best to drink two to three cups maximum of this drink, daily. Each of these doses should be taken after each meal to improve digestion.

In general, health professionals indicate that this intake be carried out for a week in a row, to later pause, with the aim of avoiding some disadvantages such as insomnia, heartburn and allergies.

It is advisable to ask a doctor for instructions when you want to include the dandelion tea no in the diet. It should be noted that this drink, in some cases, can interfere with the effectiveness of some medications, so it is advisable not to drink this tea when you are complying with any pharmacological treatment.

Who doesn’t drink dandelion tea?

As mentioned above, there are some cases where this drink should be avoided as it can lead to serious consequences. For example, those who suffer from gallstones should avoid taking dandelion tea at all costs, as it stimulates the production of bile.

During pregnancy, women should not drink this tea, as it may affect the health of the baby. Another case in which doctors advise avoiding this intake is when suffering from bleeding disorders, since this tea increases the appearance of bruising.

According to health professionals, it is not recommended that children drink this tea, because its properties can cause negative effects on their health. In general, the age at which doctors advise that dandelion tea can be ingested is from 13 years of age.

How is dandelion tea prepared?

If you want to include this drink in your diet, in order to enjoy all the benefits that have been mentioned, you need to find out about its preparation, which is quite simple. Next, we will tell you step by step what you should do to prepare a good dandelion tea.

As with most natural drinks, the first thing to do is heat a considerable amount of water. This must be done until it reaches 60°C, to later add the flower buds. After this, it should be allowed to rest, for approximately three to five minutes.

The next step is to strain the tea, to finally serve it in cups. To finish this process, you can add a little sugar or another type of sweetener, to improve its flavor a bit.

It is important to mention that this drink can be taken both hot and cold, since the effects are not lost in either case. This tea can be combined with other ingredients to improve its flavor and further enhance its benefits. Among the elements that can be included in this recipe are apple juice, ginger, mint, cinnamon, among many others. And it will always be much better if we bet on organic teas, which are much healthier. 

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