Moringa Tea Benefits: Ingredients and Side Effects

For centuries, moringa has been used for various purposes and for its properties. Also known as ben, its leaves, seeds and bark can be used as vegetables. In this post we will talk about the benefits of moringa tea , ingredients and side effects.

Until now there are no specific studies in humans that confirm the benefits of this plant, those that have been carried out have been in animals and are still in the testing phase. However, moringa is considered to be able to combat anxiety, control glucose, blood pressure, and more. Let’s look at more of these benefits.

Moringa tea benefits

Other of the great benefits of moringa tea have to do with health and beauty, as well as helping to prevent and cure certain diseases. In the studies that have been done with animals, it is said that its plant has anticancer, antibiotic, hypotensive and hypoglycemic substances.

Protects skin and hair

Among the benefits of moringa tea for hair is that it protects against free radicals and keeps it clean and healthy. In addition, this plant has proteins that prevent skin damage and its moisturizing and detoxifying properties give strength and vitality to the skin and hair.

Prevents the formation of edema

An edema is the accumulation of fluid in certain tissues of the body and is usually very painful. In this sense, the benefits of moringa leaf tea are its anti-inflammatory properties that prevent its formation.

Among the benefits of moringa tea is to protect the liver

Apparently the consumption of this plant protects the liver from the effects produced by anti-tuberculosis medication and its repair process is usually rapid. In this sense, the good health of the liver is related to the benefits of moringa tea with lemon , in addition to giving it a good taste.


Consuming moringa tea helps prevent cancer, it has a substance called niazimycin that blocks the formation of cancer cells.

Fight stomach problems

The extracts of this plant help in the relief of certain stomach problems such as gastritis, ulcerative colitis and constipation. In addition, its antibacterial and antibiotic properties can prevent pathogen formation and helps digestion, thanks to the vitamin B it contains.

strengthen bones

Between the properties that moringa tea possesses is its calcium and phosphorus content, which help strengthen bones and keep them healthy. In addition, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it relieves the symptoms of arthritis.

Helps in prostate health

Among the benefits of moringa tea for men is aid in prostate health. It is said that the seeds and their leaves they have a substance called glucosinolates, which are effective against cancer. This substance inhibits the formation of cancer cells in the prostate.

Helps lose weight

It is an excellent purifier of the body, which is why it corresponds as one of the benefits of moringa tea for weight loss . Eliminates toxins and reduces body fat, thanks to its laxative and diuretic effects.

side effects of moringa

The consumption of moringa tea in moderate amounts does not have a health risk, but excess can be harmful, in fact, no overdose is good. There are certain caveats that should be heeded.

  • Although they are not consumed frequently, the roots and barks of moringa can induce abortion if drunk in high doses. It is best to avoid them during pregnancy.
  • We already know that it has hypoglycemic properties (reduces sugar levels). In this sense, those people who suffer from hypoglycemia (low sugar levels) should avoid or moderate their consumption. If it is abused, the person can faint, suffer from imbalances and weakness.
  • not recommended take it before going to sleep, because it has stimulating and energetic effects that make us stay up all night.
  • If it is drunk on an empty stomach for very long periods and the person is sensitive, it can cause gastric acidity, possible allergic reaction or stomach irritation. These effects can be prevented if accompanied by some solid food.
  • Moringa tea can have a laxative effect, to a greater extent if it is the first time it is drunk, so you could suffer from some diarrheal episodes.
  • Another warning, although it is not very frequent, is that it can affect the increase in red blood cells, which is called polycythemia.

Benefits of moringa tea with other plants

Moringa tea can be combined with other floors and thus help enhance its properties, in addition to adding others to it. Among them are the benefits of moringa tea with ginger that gives it a relaxing power and has slimming properties. It also regulates cholesterol, keeps the heart healthy, and improves blood circulation.

On the other hand, among the benefits of moringa tea with cinnamon are its bactericidal and antiparasitic properties. It is also very useful to avoid heart, respiratory and stomach problems. Its preparation is very simple and consists of placing three moringa leaves and ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon in boiled water, stirring and drinking. If you use cinnamon sticks, just let them soak in boiled water along with the moringa leaves.

There are also the benefits of moringa and stevia tea , the latter is an artificial sweetener with a plant called Stevia. Among its benefits is controlling diabetes problems, regulating glucose values. It is a 100% natural product.

Finally, there are the benefits of moringa and mint tea , including: its contribution of vitamin C, protein and calcium. In addition, it helps regulate metabolism, reduces inflammation in the digestive system and produces a feeling of fullness.

Moringa tea is an excellent drink, very nutritious and with great properties that benefit the body. However, we already know that it is not convenient to consume it in excess. It can be combined with other plants and thus also take advantage of its properties.

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