Teas to lose weight

What are the best slimming teas? When to take them? Are slimming teas useful for anything? How to drink slimming teas?

Are slimming teas useful for anything?

Yes and no.

We all know that the only way to lose weight to achieve your ideal weight is to consume fewer calories than you spend, that is, to combine a very balanced diet in terms of nutrients and calories with an increase in daily exercise .

The big problem to lose weight is to do it in a continuous and pleasant way. For this we have to change some daily habits.

And that is where weight loss teas can help you : In improving your eating habits to consume fewer calories!

And how does tea change eating habits? Well, in the following way:

1. Teas only have 1 calorie.

Did you know that a coffee with milk is between 40 and 60 calories? What has more caffeine than a tea?

Multiply the number of coffees with milk you drink per day by one hundred calories and you will get… 160 or 240 calories!

2.-Teas are diuretics

Every time you drink a tea you are ingesting about 200 ml of water and also being a diuretic you eliminate it along with other harmful substances through urine.

But a liter of water weighs 1000 grams and a liter of urine between 1005 and 1035 grams.

If you drink 4 teas a day (as many as coffee) you are eliminating between 20 and 140 grams of impurities a day! 

3.They are satiating

When you introduce a hot drink such as a 200 ml cup of tea into your stomach, it calms the feeling of hunger and you will arrive at lunch or dinner with less anxiety.

These three reasons are not discussed by any nutritionist or doctor.

To lose weight, you have to change the bad eating habits you have and increase physical activity and if necessary, go to a doctor who is the true health specialist.

What I want to tell you is that if you eat pizzas or hamburgers all day, you eat a sandwich, etc. The tea is not going to eliminate the excesses that you commit.

What habits do you change when you drink slimming tea?

1.You replace sugary drinks with natural products.

Almost nothing if you also drink tea without sugar.

A can of Coca Cola has 35 grams of sugar! The equivalent of adding 6-8 sachets of sugar to a tea. It has 105 calories!

A balanced diet to lose weight is usually 1500 calories a day.

2.You eliminate the “boats” and churros from breakfast.

We Spaniards are very given to dipping everything in coffee! Churros, cookies, cupcakes, etc.

However, dipping in a tea is very sad.

You will change the comfortable muffins, the greasy churros, and the endless cookies that break in the coffee for a healthier breakfast such as bread, sausage, fruit, etc. That you can prepare it while the tea cools.

 3 .You will drink more water and hydrate yourself conveniently.

When you are losing weight or want to maintain your weight, it is very important to hydrate properly.

In summer, because of the sensation of heat, if you usually drink enough water, but in winter… you forget!

Well, if you get used to drinking tea mid-morning and afternoon, you are already drinking half a liter of water and so comfortable.

4.You get used to having a drink mid-morning and afternoon.

In the end, what matters is the number of calories you put into your body throughout the day. And you know that when a long time passes between meals, you arrive at it with a canine hunger and gobble up everything that comes your way,

That is why any dietitian tells you the importance of eating 5 times a day (all in moderation) so that you are permanently satiated and do not “devour” at lunch or dinner.

Tea helps you take those breaks that you can take advantage of to have some fruit.

5.If you drink an infusion at night, you “peck” less.

If you get up and prepare an infusion without theine, such as rooibos, between what you prepare it, you drink it for a while and… You don’t eat!

What are the best for you to lose weight?

There are many types of teas and infusions to help you lose weight, but the most important thing is that you replace bad habits with the healthy habit of drinking your favorite tea or infusion.

We divide teas into 5 large groups, and although they all come from the same tree (Camelia Sinensis) they have different flavors and characteristics:

1.White Tea : very mild in flavor, with a very high level of antioxidants and generally low in theine.

2.Green Tea : with a more herbal flavor, with a high level of antioxidants and low in caffeine

3.Black Tea : strong and intense flavor, without antioxidants and high level of caffeine.

4.Blue Tea or Oolong : it is between green and black tea, with a characteristic flavor.

5.Red Tea : intense flavor, a bit musty, with a medium level of theine and antioxidants and contains lipases (enzymes that break fatty chains) that help reduce cholesterol.

Red tea is considered to have the most properties to help eliminate fats due to its lipase content and green teas due to their thermogenic properties .

But just as the three previous properties are sufficiently contrasted, the “fat burning” and “thermogenic” properties of green and red teas are not sufficiently contrasted by clinical studies.

When to drink tea to lose weight?

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the drink, that is, that you find yourself with your favorite tea or teas.

You can select between pure teas, that is, they only contain tea or mixtures such as ginger and lemon red tea  or the sweet BIO Cinnamon black tea.

Starting from the basis that any infusion can help you change your bad habits, we recommend the following:

A. For breakfast

Black tea or red tea, as they contain a high level of theine and help us recharge in the morning.

If you think it’s too light to take it, you can only do it with a “little cloud” of skimmed or soy milk,

Teas with a cloud of milk :

  • black tea (a delicious smoked tea)
  • Red Tea
  • Black Tea

Teas without milk :

  • black Tea
  • Red Tea

B. Mid-morning

We continue with the black or red teas, in this case without milk and complemented as it can be:

  • Red tea
  • Black Tea Orange

In the summer, I vary them for a delicious  black tea with peach 

C. Mid-afternoon

We lower the level of theine and recommend both pure and supplemented green teas:

  • Sencha green tea
  • Green Tea  Ginger and Lemon BIO
  • Jasmine  green tea

D. After dinner

We recommend infusions without theine such as rooibos

  • Rooibos Cinnamon
  • Rooibos Kalahari
  • Rooibos Choco Nut
  • Rooibos Cinnamon and Mint

How to prepare and drink slimming teas?

Well, as easy as any tea or infusion! That easy

Even so, we give you some general advice:

1. Use loose leaf tea or weight teas

In general, they are much better than bag teas, there is more variety and they are cheaper.

And even if you don’t believe they can be as comfortable as the bags, you only need to fill a ball infuser and… Ready!

2. Try to take them without sugar or milk.

It’s less calories and it’s what you’re chasing.

If you like the sweet taste, select something that contains cinnamon or vanilla.

3. Black and Red Teas.

 If you are new to teas and come from the world of coffee. Since they are the strongest flavors and it will cost you less to change.

4. Respect the times indicated for each product.

When you introduce a tea in hot water, the first thing that is extracted is the theine, then the antioxidants and the last the tannins.

Tannins are the products that give tea its astringent, woody flavor.

Many people do not like tea because it is poorly prepared in bars and cafes and tastes bitter. This is due to the fact that the clever waiter serves it to you after spending more than five minutes in hot water (since it is very hot and you cannot drink it, he serves three or four tables beforehand and then brings it to you)

You’re not going to do it wrong. Simply stick to roughly the time stated on the tea bag and you’ll have fabulous tea.

In rooibos and other infusions you do not have this problem because they do not have tannins and they will never make you bitter.

5. You can also take them cold.

How good a cold tea feels in summer!

It’s so easy to make, as easy as iced coffee.

You simply have to always make it hot but concentrated (the same amount of leaf as for a normal tea but in half the amount of hot water) for the corresponding time. Later when removing the leaves you add cold water or ice and it is ready

6. Take them mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

They are drinks that are taken relaxed, without rushing, taking your time and that… It’s always good!

Conclusions about teas to lose weight

To lose weight or maintain your weight, what you must do is consume fewer calories than you spend, for this you must maintain a very balanced diet in terms of nutrients and calories and with daily exercise.

The teas to lose weight do not have calories, they are diuretics and they are satiating.

They also help you change your habits because you will eliminate sugary drinks from your diet , eliminate “superfluous” foods and you will hydrate better.

Any tea helps you lose weight, although red and green teas can be considered the most suitable, but the important thing is that you feel comfortable drinking them and do not consider them torture.

We recommend drinking the teas to lose weight mid-morning and mid-afternoon, as they help you not to arrive at lunch and dinner very hungry and you will eat more moderately.

You can also use them for breakfast or after dinner.

Slimming teas are very easy to prepare, like any other tea, you just have to respect the infusion times and…ready!

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