What is hibiscus tea? Flavor, uses and recipes

Hibiscus tea also known in many places as mallow tea, and in north side Africa as “Karkade” or “Karkad”. Made with the chalices of the hibiscus sabdariffa, this tea is very healthy, and in African tea shops it is very famous. 

What diseases does hibiscus cure?

Hibiscus tea and its medicinal properties are  worth being known about. It is used to strengthen the immune system and reduce blood pressure due to its content of vitamin C, flavonoids, pectins and fruit acids.

What is hibiscus and what is it for?

The deep red hibiscus flower tea not only tastes delicious – its slightly sour taste is sometimes compared to that of blueberries or red currants – but it is also healthy and can help treat various ailments .

Among the benefits of hibiscus tea is that it can lower blood pressure and this was verified in a study in which a group of women and men with blood pressure values ​​between 120 and 150 mmHg drank three cups of hibiscus tea every day for six weeks, while the comparison group received a placebo.

The placebo group only managed to reduce this index by 1.3 mmHg. The effect is realized thanks to the secondary substances of Hibiscus sabdariffa, such as flavonols and anthocyanins. Also have properties in antioxidant effects, that is, detoxifying.

You can drink hibiscus tea to lose weight and to strengthen the immune system. As the plant is also high in vitamin C, hibiscus tea is believed to boost the immune system.

Additionally, hibiscus contains mucilage, which relieves cold symptoms such as cough, hoarseness, and sore throat. And: in the renal area, tea has a positive effect.

Note: Drinking is not recommended tea during pregnancy and lactation only chamomile.

What is hibiscus tea made of?

It can reach two to three meters in height and produces leaves with three to five dark green lobes. Hibiscus flowers are up to 15 centimeters tall and have three to five petals, pale yellow in color with a dark red center and a bright red outer calyx.

How should I take hibiscus?

Use dried flowers for hibiscus tea. The more intense the red color of the dried flowers, the more aromatic the flavor of the prepared hibiscus tea will be.

The deep red color of the hibiscus flowers gives the tea its deep red color. Petals dry, dark red. You can buy the hibiscus tea  freely at health food stores, pharmacies and tea shops.

In addition, scientifically proven what can lower blood pressure with about 2 cups of tea a day. I don’t know, it is recommended to drink more than 3 cups a day.

What part of the hibiscus is used?

To make your own hibiscus tea, you will need a good handful of hibiscus flowers for a cup of tea. Pour boiling water over them and let them steep for six to eight minutes, but no longer, otherwise your hibiscus tea will be too bitter.

The citric, malic, and tartaric acids in the tea give it a fruity, tart flavor. Honey or sugar sweeten the drink. This healthy and tasty tea tastes good whether it is prepared hot or cold.

Can Hibiscus sabdariffa be grown here too?

African hibiscus can also be grown here: the annual mallow can be sown in a greenhouse or on a windowsill at a temperature of about 22 degrees Celsius in loose, nutrient-rich soil containing clay.

Once the seeds have germinated, transplant the seedlings into larger pots and keep them at a constant 22 degrees Celsius. A warm greenhouse is a good place to keep them. Water them regularly and make sure they get enough light. Pruning the plant will make it more compact.

Since Hibiscus sabdariffa is a short-day plant, it will not flower until autumn, when daylight hours do not exceed twelve hours. Once the red, fleshy sepals have started to flower, they can be dried in a warm, ventilated place and used to make tea.

What does the hibiscus flower taste like?

The prepared hibiscus tea can be completed with a little ginger or fresh mint. This tea is a vitamin C bomb when prepared with rosehip tea. In general, this tea is part of many fruit tea blends for its aromatic flavor and its red color.

During the summer months, hibiscus iced tea serves as a refreshment.

Tip: If you mix the organic iced hibiscus tea with mineral water, squeeze a lemon or lime and add a few leaves of lemon balm, rosemary or mint, it is ideal to quench your thirst on hot days.

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