What is peach tea? Flavor, uses and recipes

Drinking it is a true delight, especially to refresh ourselves. However, when it is cold it is customary to drink it hot and in the hot season cold peach tea . It has a lot of aroma and if it is combined with other ingredients it is also very tasty. Find out what peach tea is here.

It is a widely consumed drink and has its origin in China, contains antioxidants, is diuretic and reduces the risk of suffering from coronary diseases. Its tree is a symbol of life and its fruit of vitality, the figure of the god Zhongli Quan carries a peach in his hand.

Peach Tea Benefits

Most of the benefits of this delicious fruit are concentrated in the pulp and skin, it has digestive, diuretic and antioxidant properties, which provide peach tea and its benefits to the body. Let’s see what they are.

Improves digestion

When accompanied with plenty of water, it provides a good amount of fiber to the body, which benefits digestion and prevents chronic constipation. Also, it stimulates gastric juices, which is appropriate in cases of dyspepsia and gastric ulcers. It stimulates the appetite and drains the hepatic and bile ducts.

Controls blood pressure and acts favorably on the kidneys

Peach tea promotes renal diuresis, which is why it is recommended for people who suffer from high blood pressure. In addition, it reduces inflammation in the kidneys, bleeding in the urine (hematuria) and kidney stones (urinary lithiasis).

Promotes eye health

The eyes are favored by this fruit as it contains carotenes and luteins. These compounds prevent the appearance of cataracts, so it positively influences the retina. When there is an absence of these compounds, the person can suffer from night blindness, which is when vision is affected due to the absence of sunlight.

Helps lose weight

Peach tea loses weight thanks to its caloric and potassium intake. It also removes excess fluid from the body, making it an excellent fruit to include in a weight loss diet.

It has antioxidants and is rejuvenating

This fruit contains chlorogenic acid that together with selenium, zinc and vitamins make it an excellent protector against certain types of cancer, mainly colon, lung and prostate cancer.

Protects the skin

Due to its vitamin C and antioxidant content, it keeps the skin healthy and young, eliminating free radicals that cause cell aging.

take care of the heart

By containing sodium, potassium, vitamin C and fiber they keep the heart healthy.

Peach Tea Uses

The peach fruit can be used in various preparations such as salads, desserts, roasts, toasts, etc. The peach once harvested does not last long, it is consumed very quickly. Depending on the variety, it occurs in spring and autumn. Those that are preserved in syrup are delicious, but they lose properties and are not nutritious because they accumulate many calories.

Because it has a juicy pulp and lots of vitamins, it is excellent to eat it raw. It is advisable to choose the organic ones in order to take advantage of the properties they store in your skin. You can prepare a large number of green salads and with tofu, it also goes well with fruit salads.

Dried apricots made with peach are very tasty, they are peeled, cut and dried at a temperature of 65º-70º C. They go well in compotes, jams and breakfasts accompanied by cereals. Peach tea is used in cocktails and soft drinks.

peach tea

Preparing peach tea is very simple, first you must have the following ingredients: 6 peaches and a liter of water. To prepare, perform the following steps:

  1. Peel the peaches, remove the pits and cut them into small pieces.
  2. Put them on fire in a pot.
  3. When it starts to boil, lower the heat and leave it there covered for about 5 minutes.
  4. Get off the heat and let it cool for a couple of hours at room temperature.
  5. Strain the preparation, the infusion you can drink it hot or cold and you can prepare the peaches in a smoothie.

How to make a peach smoothie with green tea

This drink Peach Green Tea requires the following ingredients: a large peach, green tea infusion, a handful of raspberries and blackberries, half a ripe avocado, cilantro, and sweetener.

To prepare it, do the following:

  1. Peaches are washed, peeled and cut into pieces.
  2. Split the avocado in two and reserve.
  3. Then, all the ingredients are all put in the blender. So that there is not a very strong flavor, add just a little coriander.
  4. The consistency should be creamy.
  5. It is served and tasted. If you prefer you can add ice or drink it with a little maple syrup.

Other variants in the preparation

Among the variants are the following:

  • Peach tea with lemon. The tea as a base and add two lemons, sweeten to taste and if you prefer add ice and mint.
  • Black tea with peach. This preparation is the traditional one, boil a cup of water with sugar and 3 sliced ​​peaches. It should be like a syrup. Next, ¾ liters of cold black tea is mixed and voila! The perfect drink for the heat.
  • Peaches skin and pits. Bones and skins are not discarded, they are used. Place a handful of them in a pot and bring it to a boil with three cups of water. Once it boils for 5 minutes, cover and remove from heat. Let cool and strain. In these parts of the fruit is where the greatest amount of nutrients is concentrated, it will provide a large number of properties.

Peaches are popularly classified as vine (yellow inside and outside) and water (red outside and white inside). There are other varieties with different characteristics: color and skin. Some of the highly appreciated varieties are the Calanda and the nectarines with smooth, red skin.

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