What is Senna tea? Flavor, uses and recipes?

Its plant is widely used to treat stomach problems and against constipation. Thanks to its laxative properties, the intestines move faster causing feces to be expelled, this is a product of irritation of the intestinal mucosa. Here you will learn what senna tea is , uses and recipes.  

Thisteacan be purchased in stores natural or pharmacies, it comes from the plant whose scientific name is Senna Alexandrina, made up of two ancient names: Cassia Senna and Cassia Angustifolia. You have to be very careful when consuming it, precisely because of its purgative properties.

Senna tea benefits

Beyond its laxative effects, senna tea has some benefits.

laxative properties

This is the main benefits and for which its leaves are known, its laxative power that is almost immediate. Its plant was highly recommended in ancestral medicine to relieve extreme cases of constipation. For this reason, it is thought that it is very good for losing weight, but this is not true. What happens is that by drinking it several times it ends up emptying the intestine of fecal matter and this causes a decrease in weight, but it is temporary.

Prevents the appearance of hemorrhoids

When constipation is severe and prolonged, hemorrhoids originate, this is due to the blood pressure in the anus. In this sense, consume some Senna leaves You can avoid it, because it makes the stool come out easily by lowering the blood pressure in the anus.

It is a natural diuretic

The consumption of senna tea helps the body to easily expel accumulated fluids. In addition, it relieves the muscles of the urinary tract, favoring urine retention.

Detoxifies the organism

Being a diuretic and laxative is excellent for detoxifying the body. Not only does it relieve constipation, it also generally cleanses the body. We must know that the body has several ways to eliminate toxins: feces, urine and producing bile. These processes are improved and thus the body detoxifies. That’s why it’s good to take detoxifying infusions.

Avoid gallstones

Another of the senna tea benefits are that it has a substance called cholagogue that allows bile to be expelled from the gallbladder. When excess bile is released, there is less risk of suffering from gallstones, which often cause a lot of pain.

Effective against irritable colon

When treating irritable bowel syndrome, senna leaves are often included. As it is a powerful laxative, it is efficient in the treatment of irritable colon. However, you have to be very careful in its consumption because it can be counterproductive in people with digestive problems, you should ask if these leaves can be used to treat this problem.

Avoid body swelling

There are certain factors that can cause the body to swell due to fluid retention, it is something that is not normal to happen in the body. In this sense, it is recommended to drink senna tea and thus enjoy its benefits. An infusion of this plant helps to eliminate excess fluid, thus relieving swelling.

Strengthens the gallbladder

Since it contains cholagogue, it not only removes excess bile, but also improves the functioning of the gallbladder. As long as its consumption is moderate, it will release toxins from the body.

How to prepare senna tea

Brewing a senna infusion is no different than making other infusions from other plants, but there are certain things to consider. The most common is to find preparations that contain it, but combined with others, for example with ginger, mint or fennel. These help minimize the bitter taste of the senna leaf and also provide benefits.

The way to prepare it is very simple, it is simply adding some of them in hot water that should not be allowed to boil because otherwise it will irritate the mucous membranes. It is recommended to drink it before going to sleep to take advantage of its laxative properties and ensure that the next morning you can go to the bathroom normally.

Senna Tea Side Effects

Senna leaf has many benefits, but it also has a number of contraindications that are worth considering.

During pregnancy and lactation

If the woman is pregnant, these leaves should not be consumed, it would generate contractions due to the stimulation of the smooth muscles and there would be a risk of abortion. In addition, women who are breastfeeding should not consume them either because it could have laxative effects, which could cause complications for the baby or leave it in a bad situation.

excessive consumption

The maximum time for drinking Senna tea is two weeks, no more. Its consumption should not be regular because it would produce side effects that would affect the liver, heart and intestines. There are people who like to consume it daily to combat constipation, but it is contraindicated. If you have doubts, it is best to consult a doctor.

lose weight with senna tea

It is not recommended to drink senna tea to lose weight, because its effects on metabolism are imprecise. However, if you want to lose weight, it is best to exercise and eat healthy. Vegetables, legumes, fruits and no processed products should be included in the diet.

Stomach problems

Consuming senna leaves could cause some types of intestinal infections. It would be effective if an infusion of these leaves was drunk in case the stools are very consistent. They should also not be consumed if you have stomach problems or suffer from ulcers.


There are people who have reacted allergically to senna leaves, so it is advised that if it is the first time you drink it, it should be in small quantities and gradually (by doing it this way you can see if an allergic reaction is caused ). It is not that it happens frequently, but it can affect part of the face and lips.

Reaction with other medications

Its consumption is not recommended if medications are taken. For example, aspirin could cause certain counterproductive effects. To avoid any doubt, it is best to consult your doctor.

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