11 effective infusions to lower blood sugar

When the body does not produce enough insulin, blood glucose levels rise beyond healthy limits. This is what is known as hyperglycemia or, in popular parlance, “having high blood sugar”.

This can be due to several reasons, those who suffer from this disorder should see a doctor. Once properly diagnosed, it is possible to assess the use as a complement to infusions to lower blood sugar. We recommend some.

The best infusions to lower sugar

As we always tell you, there are some herbs that have properties that help improve the symptoms of some diseases. Next, we present you those that allow you to lower sugar levels and, in addition, they are delicious!

Green Tea

First of all, we want to mention green tea, one of the most popular healthy drinks today. Coming from the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, it has many benefits ranging from the protection of cardiovascular health thanks to its antioxidant content to the strengthening of bones and the prevention of cavities.

Specifically related to the topic that concerns us today, animal research suggests that some of the components present in green tea help improve glucose metabolism, by reducing the sugar spike that occurs after eating carbohydrates.

Bean infusion

We know that it may sound strange to infuse beans, but it is a good way to take advantage of their health benefits.

Beans are hypoglycemic plants, that is, their components serve to control the glycemic spikes that occur after eating. Researchers have found that eating this food may help control type II diabetes mellitus.

Prepare this infusion using three bean pods per cup of boiling water. Decoction for 8 minutes and let stand 3.

Fenugreek tea

This plant native to Asia and Europe is commonly used as a condiment. In addition, alternative medicine uses it to control the sugar of those with diabetes who are not dependent on insulin.

A 2009 study found that its consumption improves insulin action and decreases the amount of glucose absorbed.

Infuse 15 g of fenugreek per cup of very hot water and, after 5 minutes of rest, drink.

Copalchi infusion

Copalchi (Hintonia latiflora) grows in Mexico and is traditionally used to induce the correct metabolism and absorption of carbohydrates.

The infusion can be made cold or hot. To make it cold, the rest time must be overnight, while when hot you only have to boil a piece of the bark for 10 minutes. You should probably sweeten it with honey as it tastes a bit bitter.

Note: some specialists point out that its excessive consumption can be toxic. Consult your doctor before starting the intake.

Ginseng infusion

Ginseng has among its components a substance called panaxanes. This acts on glucose, improving its metabolism by increasing insulin secretion, as has been proven in different animal studies.

Add 5 g of ginseng per cup of boiling water and let stand for about 10 minutes. If desired, sweeten with honey.

Eucalyptus infusion

Eucalyptus tea is often recommended for the treatment of sore throats, congestion, flu and cough. However, did you know that there are studies that support it also serves to level blood glucose levels?

If you have a eucalyptus near your home, take two leaves, wash them well and place them in a pot with a cup of water. Bring to a boil for 10 minutes, strain and enjoy!

Chamomile infusion

This tasty infusion not only relieves stomach discomfort but also controls the presence of sugar in the blood. An article published in HHS Public Access notes that those who consume it regularly have better blood sugar parameters than those who do not.

In our article on chamomile infusion you can discover more about its properties and how to prepare it.

Cinnamon infusion

Cinnamon is one of the most widely used herbs in Ayurveda medicine. It has been used for hundreds of years to control cholesterol and lower blood sugar, as well as as an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic.

Steep one cinnamon stick per cup of boiling water for at least 10 minutes before drinking.

Wormwood infusion

With a bitter taste, wormwood is usually recommended to relieve gastric discomfort. However, there is also evidence of its usefulness in lowering blood sugar levels and controlling diabetes.

You can prepare the infusion using the flowers or with the tincture. If you use the flowers, you will need about 2 grams per cup of boiled water.

Infusion of avocado leaves

The avocado has become one of the banners of healthy living and its leaves are not far behind. Alternative medicine experts recommend infusing one leaf per cup of water to reduce blood sugar and blood pressure. We have not found scientific studies on this.

Gymnema infusion

This climbing plant from Africa and India has hypoglycemic and antidiabetic, slimming and diuretic effects. Its efficacy has been under study since 1990 with encouraging results.

Add a tablespoon of gymnema leaves per cup of water and bring to a boil. Let infuse 6 minutes and drink.

If you have high blood sugar, go to your doctor to receive the most appropriate treatment for your ailment. Of course, you can accompany the doctor’s instructions with these rich infusions to lower sugar. If you have doubts about its consumption, consult it with her.

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