Does black tea stain teeth? How to prevent it?

Out of habit we usually accompany our mornings with coffee or black tea, to help us have the necessary energy and start the day on the right foot. There are many people who depend on these drinks, but perhaps this morning routine ends up damaging our teeth. The topic in our post is does black tea stain teeth? How to prevent it?

The rule is, if there are clothes that can stain, why not have products that stain teeth? There is no denying that black tea has lots of health benefits and these are not in dispute, but the truth is that there is evidence that they can stain teeth, even more than coffee. To understand this, let’s keep reading to explain it better.

Does black tea stain teeth? The tannin is the cause of it

We could assume that dark roasted coffee, because it has more color, stains more. However, the tannins present in black tea (obtained naturally, by processing, or by oxidation) can blacken teeth, much more so than coffee.

Both foods and drinks contain tannins. Although surely this word you will have heard more often in the case of red wine. They are antioxidants, of vegetable color and natural origin that receive the name of tannic acid. They are very easy to adhere to the teeth and can even give them a yellowish appearance in the most visible parts.

We can say then, that the more tannin or pigment, the greater the probability of staining, whether it is coffee, tea,infusionor other drinks or food. Between black tea and coffee, the former stains more than green tea. It’s the same comparison to dark black coffee and a lighter brew to which milk or cream is added.

Does black tea stain teeth? How to avoid it?

To the question black tea stains teeth? It is not necessary to give up drinking coffee or black tea. We have some suggestions that will allow you to reduce the possibility of staining your teeth.

  • After you finish drinking a cup of coffee or black tea, rinse your mouth with a glass of water.
  • Drink light coffee and add a little cream or milk to lighten it up.
  • Replace your black tea with green or white tea bags.
  • Floss frequently to clean the edges of the teeth to remove plaque and stains.
  • Use a little baking soda and salt to loosen stains on your teeth and then rinse with hydrogen peroxide, do this twice a week.
  • Use whitening toothpaste after you have had a cup of coffee, black tea, or drink a glass of wine.
  • Baby clearer tea. To do this, try not to leave the bag for so long in your cup, as soon as it stains the water, remove it. This way it will not be very strong and, therefore, it will not stain your teeth as much.
  • Does not add sugar. It is not recommended to consume sugar, it is not good for health, instead we can use stevia or muscovado. So if you drink your tea you won’t have to worry about getting cavities.

Despite the power to stain teeth, we want to tell you that, regardless of that, tea is beneficial for health. For example, green tea contains fluoride which is a substance that strengthens teeth. In addition, it is very good for fighting bacteria in the mouth.

Other reasons that stain your teeth

Not only coffee or black tea can stain your teeth, there are other reasons that do as well.


There are certain highly pigmented foods that can stain your teeth, including: tomato, berries, among others. For this reason, we must prove our mothers right when they told us that sweets, sugar gum or lollipops stain the teeth or leave them yellow. When there is a diet high in carbohydrates and sugar, they generate bacteria or discolor the teeth.


Sure it’s something we have to assume, smoking causes teeth to stain or turn brown. Over time products such as cigarettes, tobacco, and pipe smoke can darken or stain teeth.


Certain medications, such as antibiotics, can cause teeth to appear gray or brown. For example, doxycycline and tetracycline can darken the teeth of children under 8 years of age. Other medications such as antihistamines, high blood pressure, and antipsychotics can stain adult teeth.


An example of this case would be chemotherapy or radiation treatments used against cancer that affect tooth enamel. In this case, the spots look brown.


Heredity can also be part of stained teeth, it is likely that you have inherited that your teeth stain easily. If you think this is your case, then choose to use whitening strips or mouthwash to whiten them.

Now you know under what circumstances black tea stains teeth and how to prevent it . So that nothing prevents you from enjoying this healthy drink.

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