Does green tea expire?

Do you often drink tea? Surely you have ever wondered if green tea expires, a lot has been said about it. So we have proposed to analyze this question, so our article today will deal with this topic.

To understand if tea has an expiration date or not, it is necessary to know it a bit, because precisely how it is composed is where the answer lies. The tea is made from a plant called Camellia Sinensis, which goes through an oxidation and drying process to obtain it.

Depending on the variant of tea, the oxidation process that is carried out will depend on it. For example, white tea barely has an oxidation process, but black does go through a very extensive one. There are other types of teas that are obtained through medium oxidation, such as green, oolong, yellow or red tea. With all this we could think about the useful life of green tea .

So… Does the tea expire?

The answer is yes and no. Being a natural product, it does expire, but an exception must be made, those that expire are perishable products or that have a risk of batteries. However, this is not the case with tea, because it lasts over time.

The expiration date is not applied on the tea, rather the consumption date is applied. In other words, after this date has passed, the tea loses its properties, but there is no health risk if it is used. However, keep in mind that the shelf life of green tea is not the same in the rest of teas. This will depend on its presentation and the variety it is. It will also depend on how it is preserved and if it is bag or bulk.

How long is the shelf life of green tea  

We already know that tea does not expire, rather it loses properties after a certain date. In this sense, it is said that the tea lasts for two years, but it will depend on several factors that we already mentioned and that we will detail.

In a bag or in bulk?

If we want to know the expiration date of green tea in a bag, all we have to do is read what the packaging says. But what about loose tea? Believe it or not, loose tea lasts longer than the bag. The explanation is that the bulk leaves are subjected to special rolling so that their aroma, flavor and color are better preserved.

where it is stored

Storage for the shelf life of green tea has to be cool and dry, where it is not exposed to moisture and does not penetrate the sun’s rays. Of course, if the container is airtight, its conservation will be better.

the kind of tea

As we already mentioned, the kind of tea also depends on its expiration date and the oxidation process. Let’s see what varieties there are:

  • White tea. It is recommended to consume it in the first 6 months after buying it.
  • Green Tea. As its oxidation process is also low, it is recommended to consume it before 6 months. However, in the case of those that were hot processed, they usually last up to two years.
  • Red tea. This variety of tea lasts for a long time thanks to its fermentation process. In addition, if its storage is adequate, it can last longer.
  • Blue or Oolong tea. Its properties are kept for up to a year and a half.
  • black tea. If it is well stored it can last up to a year.

And if I drink it after the shelf life of green tea

As we have already told you, green tea does not pose a microbiological or bacterial risk, which means that, if it is already expired, it should not cause you any harm, unless it is full of mold.

So, after its expiration date, you will most likely try a tea with less body and few properties. Its flavor and aroma will not be as expected. You already know that the shelf life of green tea has an expiration date, but not like perishable products, this has to do with the loss of its properties, change of flavor and aroma.

How to preserve green tea?

Green tea can be purchased anywhere in the world, but there are many people who do not know about it and take it for simple fashion. To this we must add that they have not found out its duration or the way to preserve it. This is important because this way the green tea will last longer.

Moisture, heat, sunlight, and oxygen are elements that can damage green tea if it is exposed to them. In addition, you must place it in a place where it does not absorb odors from external agents that can alter its flavor and aroma.

Tea experts say that green tea if kept in good condition can last up to a year. After this time, its properties and flavor will change, so if you consume it before this year, much better.

For better preservation of green tea, it is recommended to store it in hermetically sealed glass or tin jars. It is preferable that you store it in a dark place at a moderate temperature, not hot. In fact, it is even recommended to store it in the refrigerator, because cold temperatures are preferable.

Now, if you want to eat it, you should take it out of the fridge and wait for it to reach room temperature. If you decide to prepare it with the leaves still cold, the water will condense and damage the leaves.

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