Oolong Tea During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

Pregnancy is one of the stages in which nutrition must be most taken care of, to provide good health for the baby that is on the way. Natural drinks are highly recommended during this period, so in this post, we will share the answer to one of the most common questions in this area. That concern is as follows: Is oolong tea safe during pregnancy?

It is important to mention that this tea comes from China, considered a traditional drink that has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes. The oolong tea is characterized by having a bluish hue. Currently, it is one of the most popular in the world, due to its multiple contributions and the good flavor that it can adopt in some recipes.

According to nutritionists, this tea does not represent any type of risk during pregnancy, when the doses are not too large. It is best to drink one to two cups a day during this period. In general, medical indications suggest that a higher consumption than this can have serious consequences in pregnancy.

Another reason why you should not eat too much oolong tea during pregnancy, has to do with the fact that it has a high content of catechins, which can interrupt the absorption of folic acid, which is necessary for various organs to develop.

oolong tea benefits

Despite the fact that the consumption of this natural drink must be controlled and strictly supervised by a doctor, especially in the pregnancy, there are many advantages that this intake provides, by being included in a diet in which other foods are also healthy. Keep reading and you will be able to know what are the benefits of oolong tea.

One of the most notable positive contributions of this intake is the burning of fat that it provides. According to experts, by drinking oolong tea regularly, it helps to lose weight considerably, because it speeds up metabolism. In addition to this, the intake of this drink can regulate blood pressure.

Another of the benefits that this tea provides has to do with the fact that it helps to fall asleep. Its properties provide a relaxing effect, which in turn combats anxiety and stress. Brain health is also greatly benefited, because it prevents diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

The bones and teeth are also strengthened with the intake of this drink. This is due to the fact that it contains minerals such as potassium, magnesium, manganese and calcium. Oolong tea has antioxidant properties, which serve to prevent diabetes. 

 What can oolong tea be combined with?

The taste of this tea is characterized by being quite bitter on its own. However, when combined with various ingredients, this aspect can be considerably improved. If you want to sweeten this drink, it is best to add sugar or honey, to make the mixture more pleasant.

In addition to sweeteners, there are also other elements that can be added to oolong tea to enhance the recipe. Lemon is one of the most used fruits to improve the flavor and enhance the benefits of this tea. The diuretic properties are increased when this ingredient is included, contributing to a greater production of urine.

Cinnamon can also be added to this recipe. In addition to considerably improving its flavor, this component can reduce blood glucose levels, strengthen bones, combat pain caused during menstruation, among many other benefits.

What are the vitamins in oolong tea?

This drink has a large amount of vitamins, which provide great vitality to the people who ingest it. Among these components are niaxin, riboflavin, thiamin, folic acid and vitamins C and E. In addition to physical health, the vitamins that this tea has are quite advantageous for cognitive development.

The vitamin content of oolong tea, also provides a great satiating effect, so it reduces appetite and therefore helps to lose weight easily. As for minerals, this drink contains a large amount of sodium, iron, calcium and phosphorus.

It is important to mention that this drink has anticancer properties. According to experts, there are several types of cancer that can be prevented by ingesting this tea.

How is oolong tea made?

Another piece of information that you need to know to make the most of all the benefits that were mentioned above is the way of preparation. The steps you must follow to make this delicious and healthy drink are quite simple. Read on and you’ll know what to do to make oolong tea correctly.

Boiling the water is the first step. Subsequently, the loose leaves are added, to finally let this mixture concentrate for a few minutes. It is recommended that when this step is carried out, the container in which the tea is being prepared is covered.

After this, we proceed to strain the mixture, to later serve it in considerable portions. As mentioned above, it is best to add some sweetener to prevent the taste from being too bitter. This drink can be consumed both hot and cold, since this does not interfere with the contributions.

Oolong tea contraindications

As you have seen, there are multiple benefits that this intake provides. However, there are also some contraindications that can be experienced when consuming this drink. Next, we will tell you what are the possible disadvantages that can arise when drinking oolong tea in pregnancy :

-It can cause stomach pain.

-Thiamine deficiency.

-Produces kidney problems.

-Produces gastric irritation.

Due to these contraindications, it is best to see a doctor before including this intake in the diet. To enjoy this drink, without suffering these disadvantages, it is advisable not to drink more than three cups a day.

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