The best infusions that act as diuretic

Do you feel your legs swollen? Do you notice the fingers of your hands swollen? You probably need to remove fluids. 

Fluid retention is a fairly common discomfort, caused by the accumulation of water in the body’s tissues. In general, it appears due to the existing imbalance between the forces that regulate the passage of liquids from one area to the other.

Doctors often recommend different treatments to promote fluid loss, including minimizing sodium intake, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of fluids, and wearing compression stockings to relieve leg swelling. Physical exercise is also usually advised. Now, do you know that you can help yourself with numerous infusions to eliminate liquids from your body? Let’s discover them.

Green tea: purifying and diuretic

One of the reasons why green tea has become popular as an effective drink to lose kilos is because of its diuretic effect, which not only eliminates toxins but also retained fluids. Research attributes this to its caffeine content, although studies continue to establish how all of this tea’s properties work.

If you want to take advantage of the effects of this infusion to eliminate liquids without giving up enjoying a good cup of green tea, you can choose to buy it in bags or in bulk, in any case it is important that you pay attention to the temperature of the water so that it does not bitter. Green tea, being a non-oxidized tea, is more delicate to heat. For this reason, we recommend heating the water between 70ºC and 80ºC and infusing for no more than five minutes.

Birch infusion: the Icelandic diuretic remedy 

The potassium present in birch leaves makes this infusion an important diuretic that helps eliminate the feeling of body heaviness caused by fluid accumulation. According to data a study tested the diuretic effect of this tea, confirming that those who drank it increased the volume of urine and, in turn, the excretion of chloride and urea.

You can get them at any specialty store. To make the infusion, just put a tablespoon of leaves in a cup of boiled water and let stand for five minutes before removing the leaves.

Willow bark infusion: to relieve edema

Alternative medicine uses willow bark infusion to relieve symptoms of muscle and menstrual pain, headaches and even arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, specialists maintain that it would serve to increase diuresis, helping to improve edema. However, there are no studies to support this belief.

Use 5 g of willow bark for every 250 ml of water and let it infuse for 10 minutes. You can sweeten with honey if its taste is too astringent.

Artichoke infusion: the vegetable to eliminate liquids

The artichoke is traditionally known for its diuretic effect, for this reason, it is regularly included in diets to lose weight. And yes, it is indeed possible to take it in the form of an infusion.

To date, there is no specific research on the effectiveness of artichoke infusion to eliminate fluid retention, but it would be expected that it would have the same benefits as the vegetable itself. 

To prepare it, simply separate the leaves and boil them in half a liter of water. Then, turn off the heat and let stand 3 minutes, before straining and drinking. Of course, you can also eat the leaves.

Dandelion infusion: tasty and diuretic

Historically, this infusion has been used by natural medicine to treat urinary tract infections. After many years of practical application, an article noted that those in a study who had drunk dandelion during the period investigated had increased their level of urination relative to the group with dandelion. control.

This would indicate that its diuretic effect is real and effective, although more studies on the matter would be necessary.

To prepare a cup of this infusion, you must infuse a tablespoon of dandelion in boiling water for 5 minutes. Then, strain and if you wish, sweeten with honey.

Nettle infusion: helps your kidneys work

Nettle is widely used to help the kidneys eliminate toxins. Precisely because of its diuretic action, specialists recommend its inclusion in the diet of people with benign prismatic hyperplasia, a disease that makes urination difficult.

Prepare this depurative infusion by boiling its leaves, previously washed, for 15 minutes.

Boldo infusion: ideal for cystitis 

Several studies have confirmed the diuretic effect of boldo infusion, an herb that helps eliminate excess fluid through urine. For this reason, alternative medicine recommends its intake in cases of cystitis and gout and even to lose weight.

To prepare it, you must infuse 4 g of boldo for every 200 ml of water. Let stand for about 5 minutes to take advantage of all the benefits of this herb.

Horsetail infusion: a classic that works

Horsetail is a classic among infusions to eliminate liquids. An investigation found that those who regularly drink this infusion eliminate more fluids than those who do not. For this reason, Ayurvedic medicine has used it for hundreds of years to improve the symptoms of edema, cystitis and circulatory diseases.

Prepare it by placing a tablespoon in half a liter of boiled water. Let stand 10 minutes and drink. If you find the taste unpleasant, you can use honey or mix it with mint.

So now you know, if your body asks you for help to increase diuresis and eliminate inflammation, remember all these infusions to eliminate liquids. They are natural and delicious.

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