Herbal teas for beauty

Ingredients and preparation of 3 beauty teas to help improve the appearance of skin, hair and nails.

Is it possible to improve the appearance of skin, hair and nails through herbal teas ? Let’s see how to take care of the skin and hair thanks to infusions and decoctions.

Antioxidant herbal tea for mature skin

Green tea and rose hips are natural antioxidants that help fight the effect of free radicals on the whole body, including the skin.

The result is to delay the aging process on all cells of the body and is visible through a brighter, softer skin with fewer wrinkles .

Jumbled up:

> 100 g of green tea
> 50 g of dog rose

How to take it

Bring a cup of water to the boil and then pour the boiling water over a spoonful of herbs: cover and leave to infuse for five to ten minutes, then filter and drink. For best results, drink three cups a day for extended periods.

Regenerating infusion for hair and nails

For the beauty of hair and nails , have the herbalist prepare this mixture of herbs:

> 100 g of nettle root
> 60 g of horsetail
> 40 g of rosemary

How to take it

Boil two cups of water with a couple of tablespoons of herbs for about ten minutes. Leave to infuse for about ten minutes after turning off the heat, then filter. Drink throughout the day.

Stop taking it every 30/40 days and, if necessary, repeat the treatment after a twenty-day break.

Decoction for impure skins

If you have oily, impure or acne-prone skin , buy this blend of herbs with astringent and sebum-regulating properties in herbal medicine .

> 100 g of burdock root
> 50 g of nettle root
> 50 g of medicinal sage leaves

How to take it

Bring two cups of water to the boil with two tablespoons of the mixture and boil for about ten minutes. Remove from heat, let cool and filter. Consume two cups of herbal tea a day . Take the herbal tea for about forty days, then stop using it for about twenty days and, if necessary, repeat the treatment.

Herbal tea against cellulite

When it comes to beauty, a remedy to fight cellulite cannot be missing . Here are the herbs with a draining effect , useful for combating cellulite and orange peel skin :

> 40 g of birch leaves
> 35 g of corn stigmas
> 20 g of nettle
> 5 g of karkadé flowers

How to take it

Boil a cup of water and then pour it boiling over a spoonful of the herbal mixture. Leave to infuse for ten minutes, filter and drink. Consume a couple of cups a day.

Birch should be avoided if you suffer from hypothyroidism : you can replace it with bearberry .

Herbal teas: difference between infusion and decoction

Herbal teas are preparations through which the soluble active ingredients of the plants put into an infusion are extracted hot and can be prepared with leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, roots and barks of the various plants. Among the herbal teas, the infusion and the decoction.

The infusion consists in pouring boiling water over the herbs and then leaving it all to infuse for about ten minutes.

The decoction , on the other hand, requires the herbs to be placed in cold water and boiled with the water for ten/fifteen minutes. In general, the decoction is prepared when hard parts of the plant are used , such as roots, bark and seeds .

Then there is the maceration , which consists in macerating the herbs in cold water for one night ; the following morning it is brought to the boil for a few minutes, after which it is filtered and consumed.

Except in rare cases, herbal teas are consumed hot, at a temperature close to body temperature; they can be flavored with lemon or orange peel and sweetened to taste (with the exception of purifying herbal teas, which must be drunk bitter).

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