Intestine purifying herbal teas

Sometimes you get sick because you neglect some important parts of the body: have you ever thoroughly purified your intestines? Along with diet and movement, here are the recommended herbal teas.

When the intestine doesn’t do its job as it should, a series of signals arrive to give us the alert: dull skin with pimples , belly pain, constipation or diarrhea , abdominal swelling or bloating , inflamed colon , tiredness and a sense of heaviness, lack of energies; but also candidiasis, diverticulitis, bad breath, up to food allergies.

A healthy purifying diet is useful to give a boost of renewal and purification in these cases, but it may not be enough on its own, or it may not be very effective.

We need to learn to associate it with movement carried out with a certain periodicity ( running, walking, swimming, yoga relaxation ), deeply hydrating the body during the day and also assisting in the evening with warm and scented purifying herbal teas for the intestines .

Examples of herbal teas with a purifying action are those based on senna and buckthorn with a peristaltic action on the intestinal muscles, but also herbal teas with mallow , rich in mucilage capable of retaining water in the intestine and therefore increasing the softening of the faeces, cherry, chicory or licorice.

Chamomile , on the other hand, is an excellent calmer for the intestines, together with the antispasmodic properties of linden they help to relax deeply; we can also find soothing properties in fennel.

Here are a few simple recipes that will help you in giving vigor to an organ and system that is as important as it is often overlooked.

Composite senna herbal tea

The leaves of the senna contain anthraquinone glycosides, mucilages, flavonoids and sugars which give the plant purgative activity .

The frangola is indicated in cases where the faeces must be soft, in all those situations in which the natural physiological process of evacuation can be made particularly difficult and painful.

The licorice root for blood pressure has a slight laxative action, thanks to the presence of mannite , the active principle of the manna.

Ingredients :
> 40% senna ,

> 20% fennel,

> 20% lemon balm,

> 20% buckthorn.

Preparation : leave to infuse for about 5 minutes, filter.

Usage : drink two cups a day, away from meals.

Properties : purgatives, laxatives, emollients.

Composite herbal tea with mallow and licorice

Ideal for combating chronic constipation , without giving addiction or pain, licorice and mallow associated in herbal tea are excellent for softening stools and promoting evacuation.

Ingredients :

> 20 grams of mallow > 20 of licorice.

Preparation : mix the mallow and the licorice and leave to infuse in boiling water for about 5 minutes a generous teaspoon of the preparation per cup, sweeten to taste with honey.

Use : drink in the evening, a warm cup before going to bed

Properties : purifying, laxative, emollient

Relaxing herbal tea with chamomile

It is a herbal tea recommended to relax the intestinal muscles and promote evacuation , excellent in cases of constipation caused by stress or psychosomatics

Ingredients and preparation : about 20 grams for each herb, chamomile, linden, elderflower or cherry blossom, verbena. Five to seven minutes of infusion in boiling water is sufficient, pour a generous teaspoon of the preparation per cup, filter and sweeten to taste with honey.

Use : drink in the evening, a warm cup before going to bed

Properties : relaxing, laxative, emollient

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