What is Tieguanyin tea?

It is a blue tea that is also known by other names, such as Tie-kuan-yin and Iron Goddes. It is light, sweet, refreshing, vegetable, without astringency or acidity. It is a tea that is not roasted. It is the highest quality Oolong tea, is harvested in spring or autumn and is made by hand. In this post you will learn what Tieguanyin tea is .

It is a very popular tea in the Quanhou region of southern Fujian. The variety of this plant was discovered at the beginning of the 18th century in the Anxi region with the variety of the same name and whose veins are reddish. Currently this characteristic is not taken into account to recognize a tea of ​​this type.

The first production of this plant was offered in 1741 as an offering and for years members of the imperial court consumed it. At present it is still produced in Anxi regions. The tea with the most aroma is made in Xianghua, the one with the best organoleptic qualities is made in Gande and the original place where it proudly originates is Xiping.

As the tea has become very famous, there are already other places where they make it, so the massive demand for the product is satisfied. In this sense, this massive production comes from two countries: Vietnam and Thailand.

What to take into account when buying Tieguanyin tea

Young Tieguanyin tea bushes are preferred because they have better aroma. These are replaced every few years on small plantations where they are of better quality, but the labor to collect them is cumbersome.

The above, in addition to the demand and quality, are sufficient reasons for the price of this tea to be so high. Sometimes it is sold by another variety, but using the same name or mixed with other teas, which is why you have to be careful when buying it.

It is not a tea that everyone dares to buy, its quality varies according to its origin, cultivation and production. However, once you buy it, it should not go long without being consumed and if you want to keep it for a longer time, it is convenient to store it in a container and refrigerate it.

Now, to know what Tieguanyon tea to buy, you have to take into account its harvest. The best is harvested in spring and autumn, the rest of the months should be avoided. Depending on your production and transportation time, these are available from one to two months later.

It is important that you ask the supplier when the harvest is, because several teas from different harvests can be mixed. If you can’t get the spring or fall ones, at least avoid the summer ones, because they contain pesticides.

What properties does Tieguanyon tea have?

Here are some of the properties present in Tieguanyon tea :

  • It is moderately stimulating. The drink can be consumed during the day because it contains almost no caffeine, so it is slightly stimulating.
  • Helps lose weight. Being a tea that has little oxidation, its properties are usually preserved, especially those for weight loss.
  • It has antioxidants. The amount of antioxidants it contains is similar to that of green tea, precisely because it has very little oxidation. Catechins are the main antioxidants.
  • The antioxidants present in this blue tea also help improve digestion, thanks to the stimulation it exerts on gastric secretions.
  • Cholesterol control. Thanks to its protective effects, it helps control cholesterol and the oxidation of fats.

Tieguanyin tea production process

The elaboration of Tieguanyin tea is complex and requires careful application of certain steps, as well as techniques specific to each producer. After harvest, a variety of Camellia sinensis leaves are sun-dried, cooled, and shaken vigorously. They are then withered again, this time applying a degree of oxidation that brings out floral nuances and reduces excessive astringency.

When they are ready, the producer carefully rolls them up using certain movements and intensities to store them, before finally drying them. Depending on the region where the tea is grown, it will acquire its aromatic and taste nuances. Currently the tieguanyin It is also produced in Taiwan where they give it more elegance and taste.

This type of oolong tea it is best used when preparing Gong Fu Cha style, a preparation that consists of heating small portions of water to 85º C several times, without exceeding 4 minutes. It has a strong aroma and intense flavor, with certain floral and fruit notes.

Tieguanyin from the Anxi region has less oxidation and is very fresh. The one from Muzha, Tawan is strong, with a brown color and notes of roasted nuts that is obtained from the meticulous roasting process that is applied to it.

How to properly prepare Tieguanyin tea

For a good preparation of Tieguanyin it is necessary to have a series of utensils, in addition to its ingredients.

  • It should not have impurities, be at a temperature of 95ºC (it should not boil).
  • Dishes should be rinsed with boiling water to remove dust particles that accumulate.
  • Tea is washed. In a cup with a teaspoon of tea, is filled with water at 95ºC. Leave for 30 seconds and discard the water.
  • Once the previous process is done, the tea begins to release aromas, so if you are with a group of friends, let everyone inhale it so they can enjoy it.
  • In the second preparation you can increase the time until the leaves open and release their aromas and flavors.
  • In the third production process, new notes and flavors are released, leaving a pleasant and fresh taste.

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