Senna Tea Benefits: Ingredients and Side Effects

Coming from India and Africa, the senna plant is widely used by people who have constipation problems and has even been used to lose weight. However, its continued consumption is not recommended because it can cause acute intestinal problems. In this post we will talk about the benefits of Senna tea , ingredients and contraindications.

Senna Tea Benefits

It is important to know the benefits of this tea to take advantage of all its properties.

Helps treat constipation

It is known that the Senna leaves They have laxative properties, so it helps combat the symptoms of constipation. It is its main use and its effectiveness is almost immediate. However, it must be used promptly, it is not good to be consumed for a long time.

Prevents the formation of hemorrhoids

Other of its great properties is that it improves and prevents the appearance of hemorrhoids. What causes it is precisely the prolonged constipation that results in this ailment.

detoxifies the body

Drinking an infusion of senna leaves helps cleanse the body. One of the reasons it is used is to lose weight, however, it is not recommended to do so because it can cause side effects.

Avoid liquid retention

One of the benefits of senna tea is that it eliminates fluid retention, this is due to its diuretic capacity. In addition, it improves the urinary tract, which facilitates the expulsion of urine.

Avoid gallstones

Senna tea is an excellent cholagogue (which facilitates the expulsion of bile). When the excess of this substance is expelled, it reduces the possibility of gallstones forming. These are often very painful and affect the body’s ability to detoxify.

Eliminates intestinal parasites

Doctors advise taking a dewormer to rid the intestines of parasites. In an adult, a senna leaf is enough to eliminate them.

How to prepare senna tea

To take advantage of the benefits of senna tea, it is necessary to know how to prepare it, it is not different from other tea preparations, but it is necessary to comment on some things. It is normal to find them combined with other medicinal plants, such as mint, fennel and ginger, because they soften the bitter taste it has and provide other properties to the infusion.

Preparing it is simple, just heat water (do not boil it so that the stomach mucosa does not become irritated). Once it is ready, it is allowed to rest for a few minutes so that it releases all the beneficial substances. It is best to drink it before going to bed so that during the night it has its laxative effects and the next morning you can go to the bathroom normally.

Products with senna leaves are often found in health food stores or herbalists. The treatment with these leaves cannot exceed 10 days.

Senna tea benefits. contraindications

We already know the benefits, but now it is important to know what the contraindications or negative effects on health are.

During pregnancy or while breastfeeding

It is not recommended that a pregnant woman drink senna tea because it would affect the smooth muscles, this could cause premature contractions, even abortion. Also, women should avoid consuming it when they are breastfeeding because its laxative effects would influence the baby. This would cause complications that could lead to a serious situation.

excess consumption

Senna tea should not be consumed for more than two weeks, it should be done occasionally because it could cause complications in the liver, intestines, and heart. Some people decide to drink it daily due to constipation problems, but it turns out to be a bad idea. In case it does not improve for a few days, it is best to visit the doctor.

to lose weight

Many people consume senna tea to lose weight, but it is not recommended to do so. The effects that may affect metabolism are not fully known. If the intention is lose weight, it is best to exercise and eat a healthy diet based on vegetables, fruits and natural juices, nothing fried.

To treat digestive problems

Drinking a lot of senna tea can cause gastrointestinal problems or diarrhea, so it is best to do it only if the stool is very consistent. It is not recommended in people who suffer from digestive problems or ulcers.


If you have never taken senna leaves, it is best to do so in small amounts and gradually. This will check if you have any allergic reaction associated with inflammation of some tissues. It is likely that part of the face is affected, if the airways are inflamed it can be dangerous.

Effect on certain medications

Senna tea can negatively influence some medications, for example, aspirin has already been shown to cause a bad reaction. If you take any medication and want to drink senna tea, it is best to consult your doctor.

In addition, other ills that originate with the excessive consumption of senna leaves are the following:

  • It can cause digestive problems because it kills the good bacteria in the gut. This causes gas, stomach pains, bloating and diarrhea.
  • Nutrients are inadequately absorbed. Because the intestinal rhythm is accelerated, the absorption of food is minimal, so most of the nutrients leave in the feces.   
  • The muscles of the intestine lose tone, so they stop fulfilling their functions, causing them to depend on the colon.
  • If there is direct contact with the senna plant May cause dermatitis or hypersensitivity.

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