Theine and Caffeine: How are they different?

There are people who do not drink coffee because they consider that caffeine makes them nervous, so they opt for take you, because they believe that its effects are not negative. However, both caffeine and theine are the same molecule, they are composed in the same way. The only difference between the two is their origin. In this post we will talk about theine and caffeine, how are they different?

Plants that are in the group of alkaloids are responsible for producing the caffeine molecule. This plant uses that molecule as an insecticide and also to prevent the seeds of other vegetables from germinating. The effects of theine and caffeine are stimulants in mammals.

Theine and caffeine have stimulant effects

Both theine and caffeine have stimulating effects. In the case of theine, it produces less nervousness than caffeine. In addition, there is a greater amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee than in a cup of tea, because less of this plant is required to make it. Other properties that differentiate them is that coffee has caffeinic acid and tea has theophylline.

It is easy to synthesize caffeine at the laboratory level, because in the decaffeination process so much is extracted that it cannot be produced artificially. Therefore, drinking coffee is not the same as drinking tea. Coffee excites, instead tea stimulates. Caffeine generates effects in our body that are not produced by other substances.

In coffee there is a concentration of molecules between three to four times that in tea. Theine is not affected in its content in each type of tea. For example, green tea, caffeine and caffeine white tea , and black tea all come from the same tree, Camelia Sinensis, but each has the same theine levels.

Positive effects on physical resistance

When you practice exercises there is a consumption 20 times more than when you are in normal conditions. This causes an excessive production of free radicals that can affect cells and therefore cause diseases. In this sense, the large amount of polyphenols that tea has act as a powerful antioxidant, neutralizing these free radicals and thus preventing cells from being damaged.

As tea has high levels of antioxidants, theine will be assimilated more slowly compared to other drinks. In other words, when it enters the body it does so less abruptly, which allows the energy to last longer than that of coffee. Athletes are recommended to consume tea instead of coffee.

Theine and caffeine in pregnancy

Excessive pregnancy theine and caffeine is not good for the baby, nor for the mother The most recommended infusions are green tea, rooibos tea, black or jasmine tea. Others have high levels of caffeine and caffeine that cause sleep disturbances and can affect the baby. The ideal would be tea without caffeine and caffeine, however, during pregnancy it is recommended to drink 3 small cups of coffee or 6 cups of tea a day.

The intake of all the products on the same day is not recommended, for example, if you drink 3 cups of coffee in a day, you should not drink the 6 cups of tea, because you will surely exceed the suggested dose and this can cause problems.

Level of absorption of Theine and Caffeine

The caffeine in coffee is absorbed by our body much faster, when its levels are high the heart rate rises, and therefore makes us feel more agitated. However, its exciting effects end abruptly. In the case of the theine in the tea, the absorption is slower and its stimulating action is more relaxed and lasting.

Amount of theine and caffeine

There is a greater amount of theine in a tea leaf than in the same proportion of coffee. That is, to prepare a cup of tea, less quantity is required. A cup of coffee contains between 60 and 120 milligrams of caffeine, while in a cup of tea the amount is between 25 and 100 milligrams. But what is better or worse? what Theine and Caffeine They are equal?

How Theine and Caffeine work

Caffeine is absorbed much faster, immediately passing into the brain. Although it does not accumulate in the blood, nor is it stored in the body. However, it is expelled from the body several hours after being ingested.

The action of caffeine in coffee is explosive, fast. Provides an immediate energy boost, mitigating the effects of tiredness and drowsiness. Therefore, it is advisable to consume it when greater power, coordination in physical activities and attention are needed. The effects of caffeine in coffee are short-lived.

In the case of theine in tea, its effects are milder but last longer. More is advised to streamline and sharpen mental processes. In addition, it is a good activator of memory, attention and increases mental acuity.

Remember in any case that when you drink tea, it is a organic tea, much healthier and with all the flavor of authentic tea.

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